We decided to get Greton new toys this weekend, and he absolutely loves them!  He takes his colorful toys almost everywhere!  He has great teething toys and cannot stop!  We’re going to need to buy a few more!

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  1. hcps-coopernj1 says:

    Can you recommend some toys for me? Nion needs a creative outlet, he’s always clapping and stuff, just want him to build his imagination.

  2. hcps-chengry says:

    Wow! Greton is growing up to be such an adorable boy! Reyaan is teething as well and she chews on everything in sight. We should meet up sometime with the kids and I wish you the best of luck with Greton. 🙂

  3. hcps-bumgardeb says:

    I know right! Our sweet Jacma has taken over our downstairs with all her toys. She loves to experiment and play and is very social. She is learning so much and you can tell by the way she is imitating us! Jacma loves to play!

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