Malane tends to sleep all the time whether she’s tired or not which, I guess, is typical for a baby. When she’s not asleep, she eats constantly and requires a lot of attention because she’s so young. She’s about 5 months old now and she’s beginning  to grasp objects like her pacifier, other small toys, and her bottle which somehow end up in her mouth! This shows that she’s teething and her mouth is starting to change! Malane also likes to hold on to Mommy and Daddy’s hands!



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2 Responses to Malane is finally able to grasp objects! Somehow they always end up in her mouth…

  1. Ryan O'Neill says:

    We are having the exact same situation with Reyaan!Reyaan is trying to put every single object in to her mouth. We have to make sure she’s not teething on anything to small!

  2. hcps-greenma4 says:

    That’s fantastic! Greton’s still working on grabbing things, but I’m sure he’ll get the hang of it soon. He’s also a handful at night because Greton will not settle down,unfortunately…

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