The tummy time has paid off! Gresley can now hold his head high, I mean just look at our lil boy!!


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3 Responses to Gresley’s workouts have finally paid off!!

  1. hcps-kwans says:

    Wow! That’s awesome. Our baby Terron had trouble holding up his head when he was 3 months old, but at 5 months he could lift his little head up to 90 degrees with no problem at all!! GO BABIES!- Sharon Kwan

  2. Brett says:

    Are you sure he was doing exercises? He doesn’t need to do exercises to be able to hold his head. They should naturally develop.

    • jdgregori says:

      You need “tummy time” to help develop neck strength in babies. So, it does “happen” but tummy time is very important to making that happen. -Miss Piercy

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