Our sweet litle Bettie laughed so hard today! It was her first time really being tickled and she loves it! A huge smile was spread across her face! She is the cutest baby ever!

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  1. hcps-chengry says:

    Awww Bettie looks so cute and so happy! There’s nothing better than seeing your child smile and laugh. As she gets older you can try playing Peek-A-Boo because that never fails to make my child, Reyaan, laugh.

  2. hcps-darlingea says:

    Oh she is such a cutie! I do love when Bremily smiles as well, I just wish I could freeze it on her face forever. Our babies are just growing too quickly I can hardly keep up!

  3. hcps-haggertcs says:

    Oh that’s so adorable! Our baby just started laughing!
    -Catie H.

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