A little snow math…

Solve these word problems and post your answers. There will be space bucks for the first person to post the correct answers. 🙂

1 – Ms. Byrd went outside to build a snowman and stayed outside for 46 minutes. She later went out to make snow angels in the backyard for 15 minutes. Was she outside more or less than an hour in total? Explain how you got your answer!

2 – Charlie made 12 snowballs to throw at his brother Grady. If Grady made twice as many as Charlie, how many did he make?

3 – There are 14 snowmen in the neighborhood. If each snowman has 4 pieces of coal, how many total pieces of coal were used?

Who will it be – to get all 3???

Snow Chat Spot

Hey friends!
Here we go….another chat spot. During our snow days you can talk to each another on the blog. Click the reply or replies button and then scroll until you see a box to type your comment.
Remember to edit your post for spelling, punctuation, and capitalization.

It’s been too long!

Hey 3rd Grade Friends!
Are you missing school yet? Do you miss your teacher? 🙂 Well…I’ve been missing you! I have so much to teach you when you return on Tuesday. I bet all of you have been busy playing in the snow and reading really great books!
Write to tell me what you’ve been up to! See you soon!

We’re Creative Collaborators!

Third graders have been busy creating persuasive presentations to enhance our study of the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome. Ms. Byrd’s and Ms. Neal’s students used Google Presentation to collaborate on this project. We welcome your questions about our presentations and also your input on where you might like to travel? Enjoy!

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Group 5

Group 6

Group 7

Group 8

Group 9

Here it is….The Student Chat Spot!

I am creating the student chat spot so that you can communicate with one another using the blog. Please remember whatever you post here everyone can read and it should be appropriate. All comments come to me first to approve so if you do not see your comment below, it’s because I haven’t approved it yet, or it wasn’t appropriate for everyone to read!

While we’re out of school over winter break- you may find this to be a good place to keep in touch. Also, remember that Tiphaine checks our blog some too! Maybe she will write to you here!

Happy Blogging!!!!

How To Videos!

We have been studying the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome. Students were asked to complete project proposals to research, construct, create, and share some of their knowledge. I have a class full of little engineers because all of them were interested in creating a replica of ancient architecture.
They were quite creative and showed great teamwork in collaborating with peers. Once they finished their projects they were eager to share them.
Enjoy the videos posted below to see how they went about constructing Roman architecture.

After you watch the video clips below, please vote for your top 2 favorites using the poll to the side. Also, feel free to make constructive comments with “I like…” or “I wish…” to share your thoughts.

Group 1

1 from Emily Byrd on Vimeo.

Group 2

2 from Emily Byrd on Vimeo.

Group 3

3 from Emily Byrd on Vimeo.

Group 4

4 from Emily Byrd on Vimeo.

Group 5

5 from Emily Byrd on Vimeo.

Group 6

6 from Emily Byrd on Vimeo.

Multiplication Facts and Strategies

Here’s a challenge for you –
1 – Create an array for everyone to view.
2 – Do not write the multiplication fact that matches. Let someone else look at your array and post the multiplication sentence.

So…here’s the first one for you. Post the fact that matches.


Now – create your own!


I have some questions for you to think about since our blog is up and running.
Here they are….
1 – What is a blog?
2 – What is the purpose of having a class blog?
3 – How should we go about using our blog in the future?

Is it already Thanksgiving?!

Wow….what a busy busy start to the school year we’ve had! This is our first official blog post of the 2013-2014 school year!
I wanted to start by saying that I am very THANKFUL for my class of 3rd grade friends. Each day I enjoy….19 smiles, seeing each one of my students learn, and teaching them the importance of building character.
I am proud of my students for their hard work in our “Gratitude Attitude” program that was performed at the PTA program – Great Job!
It’s been a busy November! Anyone want to share what they might be THANKFUL for this Thanksgiving?
Enjoy the holiday with family and friends!
Oh…and 3rd graders…read and study those multiplication facts!!!
See you in December!

Happy Summer Friends!

I hope all of you are enjoying summer! I have been busy so far going with my family on vacation and doing a lot of projects at my house. So…what have you been up to? I have picked out lots of books to read too! Have any of you been reading any great books? Remember to visit my portaportal site to review lots of 3rd grade skills…especially those multiplication facts!
Happy Summer!
Miss Byrd