Simple Machines

Check out the portaportal simple machine site I just added under the science tab. There are several games/activities that will help you review simple machines. I would also like for you to do some or all of the simple machine challenges listed below.

1 – Make time to work on your simple machines project. Your slips for the project are due the next school day.

2 – Go on a simple machine scavenger hunt around your house. See if you can find one or more of each simple machine. Here is the list: Lever, Inclined Plane, Screw, Wedge, Wheel and Axle, and Pulley.  We haven’t covered the wheel and axle or pulley yet, but you should have your binder notes and can read ahead to learn about these.

3 – Create a simple machines presentation using Google Slides (in your Google Drive). Be sure to share it with me so I can see it.  When we return to school to review, we may just use your presentation! 🙂