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It’s a New Year! Happy 2015!

Well…it’s time to start a brand new year – are you ready?

Here are some “You cans” to think about as we enter 2015:

1 – You can set brand new goals!
(learn how to ride a bike/do a cartwheel, memorize ALL multiplication facts)
2 – You can make more friends.
3 – You can make good grades.
4 – You can read lots of new books.
5 – You can exercise your mind and body everyday.
6 – You can use good manners and be polite each day.
7 – You can keep a thankful journal.
8 – You can find ways to help in your community.
9 – You can find ways to be helpful at home.
10 – You can use kind words and encourage others.

So, which ones will you choose to do in 2015? Let’s make this the best year yet! I look forward to seeing all of you on January 5th! Happy New Year!