Wow! Is it already November?

Hi friends!
I can’t believe it’s already November and it’s my first post for the 2014-2015 school year! It’s been a busy few months. Thanks to all of my previous students for sending comments (Regina, Smriti, Laxmi, Reilly, and Audrey). I miss all of you LOTS and LOTS but know you’re having a fabulous fourth grade year.

To all of my newest friends – welcome to our class BLOG where you can check out some things we’re doing, answer some 3rd grade trivia fun questions and chat with one another.

For starters…how about some fun 3rd grade questions.

1 – We’re learning about Greece and have traveled there on Google Maps a lot already. What is the name of the capital city of Greece?

2 – We just started counting money….if I dumped out the change in my wallet and had –
3 quarters, 8 dimes, 7 nickels, and 4 pennies – how much money would that be?

3 – We now have a class pet (I know…all of you previous 3rd grade friends might be a little sad about that – you are welcome to come visit the little guy – Hermie is his name). What type of animal is our Hermit crab
– terrestrial or aquatic?

Have a great day friends!