America’s Birthday, World Cup, and Other Patriotic Fun

Hi Friends!
I would love to hear updates on how your summer is going! Anyone out there in blog land? I know Audrey, Riley, and Smriti have been on….anyone else?

This Friday is July 4th – America’s Birthday, Independence Day! There are lots of places that celebrate this special occasion with fireworks!

Anyone watching the World Cup Soccer games? I’m sad that the US just lost out. I think I’ll keep watching to see who will win it all! Anyone have a prediction who will win the whole tournament?

Patriotic Fun – here are some questions just for fun. See if you can answer them!

1 – The Bald Eagle is our nation’s bird/symbol. What did Ben Franklin suggest as the nation’s bird instead?

2 – Every 4th of July about 150 million ________________ are eaten.

3 – Who was the poet that wrote our national anthem?

4 – The Declaration of Independence was signed in which year?

Have fun! Happy Summer! Happy 4th of July!

16 thoughts on “America’s Birthday, World Cup, and Other Patriotic Fun

  1. Hi Ms.Byrd! I miss you so much. I wish you were my teacher now! You are so nice. I bet you didn’t think I would blog. Have a good Thanksgiving!

    • I have been traveling, going to the pool, and getting ready for school to start back! 🙂

  2. Hello Miss Byrd! So glad to hear from you!!! How’s your summer been? Mine has been pretty good. Also, since USA lost already, I hope Argentina wins. Messi is in that team and Messi has always been my fav soccer player. Germany is pretty good as well. Bye! Talk to you soon!!

    • Drisha –
      Thanks for writing! How is your summer going so far? Are you gearing up for 6th grade?
      I am going to watch the World Cup today too and am also pulling for Argentina. I will be happy for whoever wins. I know that Messi is a great player for Argentina. Hopefully both teams will play well and it will be an exciting game!
      Check in again soon! 🙂

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