America’s Birthday, World Cup, and Other Patriotic Fun

Hi Friends!
I would love to hear updates on how your summer is going! Anyone out there in blog land? I know Audrey, Riley, and Smriti have been on….anyone else?

This Friday is July 4th – America’s Birthday, Independence Day! There are lots of places that celebrate this special occasion with fireworks!

Anyone watching the World Cup Soccer games? I’m sad that the US just lost out. I think I’ll keep watching to see who will win it all! Anyone have a prediction who will win the whole tournament?

Patriotic Fun – here are some questions just for fun. See if you can answer them!

1 – The Bald Eagle is our nation’s bird/symbol. What did Ben Franklin suggest as the nation’s bird instead?

2 – Every 4th of July about 150 million ________________ are eaten.

3 – Who was the poet that wrote our national anthem?

4 – The Declaration of Independence was signed in which year?

Have fun! Happy Summer! Happy 4th of July!