Sweet Summertime!

Hey Friends!
Good morning! My guess is that you probably woke up a little later than a school day and have plans to play with friends or go to the pool. I am spending time with my family and enjoying my official first day of summer break.
Update us on what you’re up to this summer!

Charlie…you asked for math word problems. Here are a few about summer.

1 – The ice cream truck delivered exactly 24 ice cream sandwiches to 4 different neighborhoods on Saturday. How many total ice cream sandwiches did he sell?

2 – If the forecast says there’s a 40% chance of rain tomorrow what is the likelihood it will rain?
likely, unlikely, impossible, or certain?

3 – There are 5 rosebushes in my front yard. Each bush has 6 blooms. How many total roses will I have in a few days?

Answer away and make up your own problem to post too!

I miss you all!
Ms. Byrd 🙂

24 thoughts on “Sweet Summertime!

  1. Hello Ms.Byrd it’s me Regina. Guess what I have Mrs.Custis room 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know she will be a wonderful fourth grade teacher for me

    • Hello Tiphaine,
      It’s so great to hear from you! How is your grandfather? We are on summer break now – so that means no school! What have you been up to lately? We miss you!

      • My grandfather is very good now he goes to work every day. I’m fine – tomorrow I’m going to the beach. And I am on school break too.

        • Hi Tiphaine!
          I’m so glad to hear that your grandfather is well and going to work everyday. Have fun at the beach! Thanks for writing to us!
          Take care!

            • Hi Laxmi –
              I’m sorry I haven’t responded. The first week of school has been very busy. I miss you very much and hope that you are loving your new school. Have you seen Ashmita?

  2. Riley and I are the only ones that were on. I went to my swim meet and it lasted till 12:00! I was tired.

      • I am listening to the song burn. I saw R5 in concert! IT WAS AWSOME I went will my mom, me, my mom’s friend Kelly, Ed, and their kids! The Trasks are famous for art.

  3. Hi!!! I miss everyone so much! I am on my way to Lichfield beach and I wanted to tell you! Are you having a great time? Told you I would go on the blog! HAPPY SUMMER!

    • Hello Audrey!
      I just got back from my family’s lake vacation! We had a great time! I hope your beach trip goes well. Check back on the blog when you get home to see if anyone else has left any messages. HAPPY SUMMER! 🙂

        • Audrey – I love the beach as well! What kinds of things are you doing- swimming, building sandcastles, maybe reading a good book???

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