Sweet Summertime!

Hey Friends!
Good morning! My guess is that you probably woke up a little later than a school day and have plans to play with friends or go to the pool. I am spending time with my family and enjoying my official first day of summer break.
Update us on what you’re up to this summer!

Charlie…you asked for math word problems. Here are a few about summer.

1 – The ice cream truck delivered exactly 24 ice cream sandwiches to 4 different neighborhoods on Saturday. How many total ice cream sandwiches did he sell?

2 – If the forecast says there’s a 40% chance of rain tomorrow what is the likelihood it will rain?
likely, unlikely, impossible, or certain?

3 – There are 5 rosebushes in my front yard. Each bush has 6 blooms. How many total roses will I have in a few days?

Answer away and make up your own problem to post too!

I miss you all!
Ms. Byrd 🙂