Happy Easter, Happy Spring!

I hope all of have been enjoying time off from school to play outside, use your imagination, read, and enjoy friends and family. I have been quite busy traveling and am just now getting on our blog.

Here are some fun math problems to solve. Anyone posting the right answers will get a HW pass! ALL of your answers must be correct!

1 – All of the children wanted to know how many Easter eggs were being used for the Meadow Bridge Easter Egg hunt. The announcer said there were enough for everyone to find 6. If 34 children were at the hunt, how many total eggs were up for grabs?

2 – There were 4 robin’s nests at Mary’s house. If each nest held 4 eggs, how many total birds could hatch?

3 – Over spring break the Wilson family traveled to Florida, South Carolina, and then back to Virginia. Using the information below, how many total miles did the family travel?

Virginia to Florida: 1,064 miles
Florida to South Carolina: 386 miles
South Carolina to Virginia: 688 miles

Have fun!!! I’m looking forward to seeing all of you on Monday! 🙂