A little snow math…

Solve these word problems and post your answers. There will be space bucks for the first person to post the correct answers. 🙂

1 – Ms. Byrd went outside to build a snowman and stayed outside for 46 minutes. She later went out to make snow angels in the backyard for 15 minutes. Was she outside more or less than an hour in total? Explain how you got your answer!

2 – Charlie made 12 snowballs to throw at his brother Grady. If Grady made twice as many as Charlie, how many did he make?

3 – There are 14 snowmen in the neighborhood. If each snowman has 4 pieces of coal, how many total pieces of coal were used?

Who will it be – to get all 3???

Snow Chat Spot

Hey friends!
Here we go….another chat spot. During our snow days you can talk to each another on the blog. Click the reply or replies button and then scroll until you see a box to type your comment.
Remember to edit your post for spelling, punctuation, and capitalization.