Happy Spring Break!

It’s finally here! Spring Break! I hope all of you have a safe, enjoyable week away from school. While you’re away, don’t forget about the packet I made for you. There are lots of activities to help your math and reading skills stay sharp.

I have a few math problems for you to solve. I’ll be checking the blog to see if you’re right!

1- Maggie, James, Laura, and Sam painted 36 eggs for the Easter egg hunt on Saturday. If they painted an equal number of eggs, how many did each of them paint?

2- Miss Byrd’s class collected money for Pennies for Patients on Friday. They had $26.00 in bills, $4.50 in quarters, $1.20 in dimes, and $2.26 in pennies. How much money did they collect in all?

3- Drishya and her family wanted brownies for dessert. They went to the store to buy brownie mix that was $3.59. They paid with $5.00. How much money did they receive for change?

Have fun! 🙂