I’m Thankful!

This Thanksgiving I am thankful for so much! My faith, family, friends, and freedom! And…of course I’m thankful for my job as a teacher. I am thankful for each and every one of my students. What are you most thankful for this Thanksgiving?

How Can We Help?

Thank you so much for all of the wonderful posts you shared on the videos. Students worked very hard to share the issues many habitats and animals face today. So the BIG question is …… “How can we help?” Do you have any thoughts on what we can do to help keep animals and their habitats safe and healthy?
Do your own research to find ways to help!
Remember the kid friendly sites you can use such as Pebble Go!, One Search, and even PBS Kids.
*Mrs. Essid’s Research Page:

*PBS Kids:

Please share your ideas! You’re not too young to make a difference!
I can’t wait to read your responses!

Habitat Video Creations!

Third graders recently became researchers and discovered lots of information about animal environments around the world.  They also discovered that habitats often encounter problems which can cause harm to animals. Please watch their videos and be sure to comment.

Think about these questions:
1 – What problems do you see?
2 – How can you help these animals and habitats survive?

Penguin Movie from Emily Byrd on Vimeo.

Rain Forest Movie 2 from Emily Byrd on Vimeo.

Ocean Movie 2 from Emily Byrd on Vimeo.

Ocean Video from Emily Byrd on Vimeo.

Swan Movie from Emily Byrd on Vimeo.

Desert Movie from Emily Byrd on Vimeo.

Swamp Movie from Emily Byrd on Vimeo.

Animal Habitat Pixie Project

We are hard at work using our 21st Century Skills – communicating, collaborating, problem solving, researching, and much much more to get our habitat projects completed. So I have a few questions for my 3rd grade friends to answer….
Here they are-
1 – What is the purpose of this project?
2 – What is one thing you have learned?

Keep working hard to finish it up!