Happy Summer!

Hey Friends!
Summer has officially begun! I am in NC with my family celebrating Father’s Day! Soon I will be on vacation with my family at the lake. I will not be able to get on the blog to approve your posts everyday – so if it takes a little while….don’t worry! I’ll approve them as soon as I get home. Is anyone doing anything fun this summer? Make sure you complete the TOP 10 Things to do for Summer! 🙂 Have fun, stay safe, and find a good book to read!
I miss you all!
Miss Byrd 🙂

4 thoughts on “Happy Summer!

  1. I like my summer & i played karate & i rided my bike what did you do in s
    summer msByrd please tell me.
    your student,

  2. For thing #1 I might do it on August because my Mom’s and my Dad’s vacation starts on August but the real thing is that my Mom has summer classes and she is going to finish in the end of July which is 7-31-12. I hope my parents have time to celebrate my birthday on 7-19-12! 😀

  3. Miss Byrd I am looking for a summer journal! I can’t find any so I decided to do this…….. I will request my dad or my mom or maybe anyone to take me to Dollar Tree or Walmart to get a notebook.

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