Memorial Day Weekend + an extra day of fun!

Hey Friends!
Friday is a fun school holiday for students and teachers and Monday is the day we set aside for Memorial Day. A lot of people spend the weekend traveling to a fun destination such as the beach or to visit family. Some people spend the weekend by the pool. It is the first official weekend most community pools open. The temperature is getting much warmer and it’s nice to be outside.
I hope that ALL of you enjoy your long weekend to relax, have fun, and hopefully study some! If you have internet access you should go to and type in byrde in the guest access box. Go to SOL Review Sites and begin getting ready for our social studies and science tests. Can you find 30 minutes a day to study? I think you can! Also study your multiplication math facts.
Have a great extra long weekend! 🙂
I’ll leave you with a BONUS question – if you post a correct response I’ll give you an SOL coupon when you return to school. Why do we celebrate Memorial Day?

Student Chat Spot

Well…here it is! The “Student Chat Spot” is a place for old and new students to send messages to each other. I will read them first and if they are appropriate, I will approve them so they can be shared with everyone.

Way to go…keep it up!

I’m really proud of all of the hard work I’m seeing from everyone! It’s almost time for our Reading SOL Test! Can you believe it?!
Tomorrow we have our SOL Pep Rally because it’s time to SHINE! What are you going to do to make sure you do your ABSOLUTE BEST on the test????
Mrs. Rettig gave you lots of tips! Can you think of some to share with the class?

Get Ready!

Friends! Can you believe it’s already time for Field Day??? Friday is the day! I bet some of you would say you’re super excited and ready for a day of fun…..but are you really ready?
One of my most favorite things about Field Day is watching everyone use TEAMWORK. I also like to see students encourage each other and most importantly show SPORTSMANSHIP!
So are you really ready? If so, respond with thoughts about what TEAMWORK and SPORTSMANSHIP mean to you!
I can’t wait to read your posts! 🙂
Happy Field Day…almost!


What do you love about Friday? What do you dislike about Friday? How many words can you make out of the word Friday? How many questions can you come up with where the answer is Friday?

I am most excited about….

Share something you are looking forward to in the near future. I’ll start first!

*I am really excited about field day! Did you know know it’s next Friday? The teachers are working on a special skit during opening ceremonies. 🙂

Your turn to share!