Math Fun!

See if you can answer the math problems below! First think, do I need to add, subtract, multiply, or divide?

1. At the zoo, the students saw 12 goats. EACH goat ate 3 handfulls of food. How many handfulls did they eat altogether?

2. Miss Byrd bought 24 candy canes to SHARE with 4 friends. How many did each friend get?

3. The 3rd graders at Ridge wanted to be bully free! They made 16 posters on Monday, 12 posters on Tuesday, and 22 posters on Wednesday. How many posters did they make IN ALL three days?

4. The candy shop was super busy all day today. They had 245 gumdrops when the day started. At the end of the day they only had 60 left. How many did they sell?

Have fun!

It’s Monday!

Hey Friends (students I should say!)-
It’s Monday and we’re not in school. I hope that all of you are resting and enjoying your time with friends and family. Halima posted some exciting news- her baby brother, Ibrahim has been born. Congratulations to your family Halima! 🙂
I thought I’d give you some ideas of things to do while you’re home. Here are few-
1. Keep a journal of what you do each day over your break.
2. Have your own writing workshop time- write stories, poems, or your own books.
3. Practice your math facts! You have a multiplication packet I sent home with you. Practice, practice!
4. Go onto and play review games.
5. READ!!! Jump into a book and enjoy it!

I may even post some math word problems for you over the break. Keep checking the blog!
Have a great week!

3rd Graders Anti-Bullying Campaign

“Bully free is the way to be!” is the slogan that 3rd graders have chosen for our anti-bullying campaign here at Ridge. Students have been hard at work making Pixie posters, a music video iMovie, and much much more. The students did a wonderful job on this campaign.

*Think and respond:  Read the questions below and leave a reply! Let’s solve this world-wide problem together!

1- How can we, as good citizens, make a positive difference in bullying situations?
2-How can we spread the message to stop bullying?
3- How can we develop a positive and supportive school atmosphere where all students know that bullying will not be tolerated?                                                                               
4- How can we, as students, collaborate and interact with each other without being in the same classroom?

Thank you for participating! 🙂

Matter, Matter Everywhere!

Today we used our 5 senses to describe the physical properties of matter. We used marshmallows, syrup, pretzels, and Oreos in our experiment. The kiddos LOVED it and of course enjoyed the sense of taste the most.

How would you describe the physical properties of a marshmallow? Scroll down to see what we said.










Taste: Sweet, Sugary

Touch (Texture): Squishy, Sticky, Soft

See: White, Round, Cylinder-shaped

Smell: No Smell (Other than it smells like a marshmallow!)

Can you think of a favorite food/snack you’d like to tell us about? If you list the physical properties, we’ll try to figure out what matter you’re describing. Thanks for commenting!