Hello Summer!

Thanks for a great year friends!  Happy, happy summer!  Be sure to read, visit the library, and have lots of fun!  If you want to write messages to each other on the blog, you can reply to this post by clicking on “leave a reply” below. I hope to hear from you!

Simple Machines

Check out the portaportal simple machine site I just added under the science tab. There are several games/activities that will help you review simple machines. I would also like for you to do some or all of the simple machine challenges listed below.

1 – Make time to work on your simple machines project. Your slips for the project are due the next school day.

2 – Go on a simple machine scavenger hunt around your house. See if you can find one or more of each simple machine. Here is the list: Lever, Inclined Plane, Screw, Wedge, Wheel and Axle, and Pulley.  We haven’t covered the wheel and axle or pulley yet, but you should have your binder notes and can read ahead to learn about these.

3 – Create a simple machines presentation using Google Slides (in your Google Drive). Be sure to share it with me so I can see it.  When we return to school to review, we may just use your presentation! 🙂


Welcome to Technology Night!

Thank you for coming to check out all the 21st century learning that is happening around our school. We love to communicate through the blog, especially when we’re not all together at school.

We would like to record your attendance by having you vote! Please choose your current grade level. Parents, you may choose your child’s current grade. We like to use polls to collect data. Feel free to check our archived polls too!

It’s a New Year! Happy 2015!

Well…it’s time to start a brand new year – are you ready?

Here are some “You cans” to think about as we enter 2015:

1 – You can set brand new goals!
(learn how to ride a bike/do a cartwheel, memorize ALL multiplication facts)
2 – You can make more friends.
3 – You can make good grades.
4 – You can read lots of new books.
5 – You can exercise your mind and body everyday.
6 – You can use good manners and be polite each day.
7 – You can keep a thankful journal.
8 – You can find ways to help in your community.
9 – You can find ways to be helpful at home.
10 – You can use kind words and encourage others.

So, which ones will you choose to do in 2015? Let’s make this the best year yet! I look forward to seeing all of you on January 5th! Happy New Year!

Wow! Is it already November?

Hi friends!
I can’t believe it’s already November and it’s my first post for the 2014-2015 school year! It’s been a busy few months. Thanks to all of my previous students for sending comments (Regina, Smriti, Laxmi, Reilly, and Audrey). I miss all of you LOTS and LOTS but know you’re having a fabulous fourth grade year.

To all of my newest friends – welcome to our class BLOG where you can check out some things we’re doing, answer some 3rd grade trivia fun questions and chat with one another.

For starters…how about some fun 3rd grade questions.

1 – We’re learning about Greece and have traveled there on Google Maps a lot already. What is the name of the capital city of Greece?

2 – We just started counting money….if I dumped out the change in my wallet and had –
3 quarters, 8 dimes, 7 nickels, and 4 pennies – how much money would that be?

3 – We now have a class pet (I know…all of you previous 3rd grade friends might be a little sad about that – you are welcome to come visit the little guy – Hermie is his name). What type of animal is our Hermit crab
– terrestrial or aquatic?

Have a great day friends!

America’s Birthday, World Cup, and Other Patriotic Fun

Hi Friends!
I would love to hear updates on how your summer is going! Anyone out there in blog land? I know Audrey, Riley, and Smriti have been on….anyone else?

This Friday is July 4th – America’s Birthday, Independence Day! There are lots of places that celebrate this special occasion with fireworks!

Anyone watching the World Cup Soccer games? I’m sad that the US just lost out. I think I’ll keep watching to see who will win it all! Anyone have a prediction who will win the whole tournament?

Patriotic Fun – here are some questions just for fun. See if you can answer them!

1 – The Bald Eagle is our nation’s bird/symbol. What did Ben Franklin suggest as the nation’s bird instead?

2 – Every 4th of July about 150 million ________________ are eaten.

3 – Who was the poet that wrote our national anthem?

4 – The Declaration of Independence was signed in which year?

Have fun! Happy Summer! Happy 4th of July!

Sweet Summertime!

Hey Friends!
Good morning! My guess is that you probably woke up a little later than a school day and have plans to play with friends or go to the pool. I am spending time with my family and enjoying my official first day of summer break.
Update us on what you’re up to this summer!

Charlie…you asked for math word problems. Here are a few about summer.

1 – The ice cream truck delivered exactly 24 ice cream sandwiches to 4 different neighborhoods on Saturday. How many total ice cream sandwiches did he sell?

2 – If the forecast says there’s a 40% chance of rain tomorrow what is the likelihood it will rain?
likely, unlikely, impossible, or certain?

3 – There are 5 rosebushes in my front yard. Each bush has 6 blooms. How many total roses will I have in a few days?

Answer away and make up your own problem to post too!

I miss you all!
Ms. Byrd 🙂

Happy Easter, Happy Spring!

I hope all of have been enjoying time off from school to play outside, use your imagination, read, and enjoy friends and family. I have been quite busy traveling and am just now getting on our blog.

Here are some fun math problems to solve. Anyone posting the right answers will get a HW pass! ALL of your answers must be correct!

1 – All of the children wanted to know how many Easter eggs were being used for the Meadow Bridge Easter Egg hunt. The announcer said there were enough for everyone to find 6. If 34 children were at the hunt, how many total eggs were up for grabs?

2 – There were 4 robin’s nests at Mary’s house. If each nest held 4 eggs, how many total birds could hatch?

3 – Over spring break the Wilson family traveled to Florida, South Carolina, and then back to Virginia. Using the information below, how many total miles did the family travel?

Virginia to Florida: 1,064 miles
Florida to South Carolina: 386 miles
South Carolina to Virginia: 688 miles

Have fun!!! I’m looking forward to seeing all of you on Monday! 🙂

Simple Machine Projects

Hello Friends!
I hope all of you are enjoying your snow day. Remember that your simple machines project is due TOMORROW! If you haven’t finished, take time to work on it today! Be sure to read the form carefully so that you complete all parts of the project. Have fun!
I hope to see all of you tomorrow!