Bit of a dreary day.

Math – we did our Probability assessment and then we took some time to play some games.  We’ve been working hard and with all the testing/schedule craziness I thought we needed a break. No homework this evening.

Science – wrapped up our benchmark review. The Science Benchmark is tomorrow, 2/23.

Social Studies – to be completed this evening sections 4.7, 4.8 and 4.9. We’ll do some serious catching up tomorrow with the Northeast.

Need to know:

  1. Recorders need to be at school.
  2. Quiz on Northeast states & capitals on 2/27.

Have a grand evening!

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2/21 Gorgeous Wednesday

Evening – I believe that I am caught up with grades. If your student has a zero please encourage them to get their missing work in sooner than later. If your student has questions about their grade they need to see me.  So many students are eligible for corrections, 80 or below, and are not doing the corrections.  It’s making a difference in an A and a B this nine weeks.

Math – wrapping up probability tomorrow with a quiz. Students need to complete Check Up 5 if they didn’t finish it in class.

Science – more reviewing and a Science weekly heavy on 4th grade SOL’s. I’ll send it home tomorrow so students can study for Friday’s Benchmark.

Social Studies – continuing our study of the Northeast.  Students need to complete sections 4.4, 4.5 and 4.6, if they didn’t finish it in class. Also, Northeast states & capitals will be tested on 2/27, Tuesday.


  1. Recorders need to be brought to school, asap.
  2. Tomorrow, 2/22, is the 100th day of school this year.  Dress like you’re 100.
  3. Stop reading this blog and go outside!  Have a great evening.


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2/20 Gorgeous Tuesday

Afternoon –

Math – more probability.  Classwork to be completed is Check up 4.

Science – review continues while we ready for our Science benchmark on Friday, 2/23.

Social Studies – Classwork to be completed is chapter 4 sections 4.1, 4.2, and 4.3 ONLY.


  1. 100th day of school is Thursday. Students may dress like they’re 100 years old.
  2. Recorders need to be sent to school.
  3. Northeast states & capitals quiz on Tuesday, 2/27.
  4. Do you have a drama king or queen? You may want to look in to Virginia Rep Summer Camps. virginiarep.org

Enjoy this taste of spring!

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Afternoon – Phew, flu be gone! Am glad to be back after the attack of the flu. Seemed to me that it was unfair to get the flu after having the stomach bug over the holidays but alas, life isn’t fair.

Math – probability continues. Students have a worksheet to do one side.  They should know which side. Looking forward to seeing our Math Benchmark scores!

We are doing Science and Social Studies this week due to our Science benchmark. Science time is @20 minutes of reviewing 4th and 5th grade Science SOLs.

Science – reviewed, briefly, for our Science benchmark which will be on Friday 2/23.

Social Studies – started our Northeast states unit today. There will be a states/capitals quiz on Northeast states on, 2/27.

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2/15 50% off Chocolate Day…

Afternoon –

Day 1 of our math benchmark testing…which makes for another crazy schedule day!

With both classes, I went over the most missed questions on our Science Matter assessment and on Check Up 3 in our probability unit. We also spent time investigating Discovery Science and many of us reviewed 4th grade science material to ready ourselves for our science benchmark, which is next Friday.

Homework: Science weekly.  Let me apologize about some of the pictures. They are a wee bit hard to see.  We will go over those pictures before I grade the weekly.

Don’t forget to order from scholastic before 2/23. I highly recommend the on-line ordering. It makes everything so much easier. On-line code:  QFZCV

Get outside and enjoy the gorgeous weather while it’s still around in February!

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2/14 Valentines Day/Moody Visitation

Another day with schedule changes.  I will be glad when we are done with schedule changes.  It really messes us up.

This morning was dedicated to getting math, science and language arts in for all students so this afternoon could be all about Moody visitation.  Throw in Valentines Day and well…it is what it is.

Tomorrow and Friday are math benchmark assessments so we did some reviewing of the first 18 weeks of math.  Final questions and what I expected to see on papers the next two days.

In Science we took our Matter assessment.  We’ll be headed back into Social Studies with a wee bit of review for our Science benchmark on a daily basis until the Science benchmark is done.

Enjoy your evening. My valentine is taking me to the VCU game – go Rams!

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2/13 Tuesday

Afternoon –

Thanks to the SGES PTA we had a sound engineer present his craft this morning.  His name is Brent Daniels and your student will probably want to look him up on youtube.  He did music for one of the trailers for the upcoming movie “Wrinkle in Time” and music for one of the trailers for ‘Black Panther”. He did a great job with the students and I liked his message to the students about school and doing what their passion is one day.

Math – we did rotations for our upcoming benchmark assessment.

Science – we did a Discovery Science activity and some review for our matter test, which is tomorrow, 2/14. Also due tomorrow is part 2 of the Science Fair project.

Have a great evening.

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Afternoon –

Don’t forget to do your Valentines Day cards…

…oh, report cards went home today, also.

Math – working on probability and review for our math benchmark that is later this week.

Science – wrapping up matter.  We worked on our matter study guide since our test is on Wednesday. Also on Wednesday, part 2 of the Science Fair is due.

Have a great evening!


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2/9 Hello Friday!

Afternoon –

Math: we continue on with our probability unit in Mentoring Mathematical Minds.  We’ll wrap it up next week.  I sure do love all of the hands on materials!

Science: Working on forms of matter and did our Science Weekly as we begin to review science from last year.


  1. Grades of 80 and below may be corrected if students follow the correction protocol.
  2. Friday folders went home today.
  3. In the Friday folder is information about Tdap shots which your student MUST have to go to middle school. No matter which middle school it is.
  4. Rock-a-thon registration is now open.  Blue paper with those details in the Friday folder
  5. Last reminder about UVA Summer Enrichment Program.  Appplications are due 2/15.  curry.virginia.edu/sep
  6. Science Fair project, part 2 is due 2/14.
  7. Valentine cards are to be given to all homeroom students or none of the homeroom students. Thank you for helping keep the harmony.
  8. Scholastic Book Order are due 2/23.  The on-line class code is: QFZCV

I am off to work at Night To Shine this evening.  So excited to be a small part of this event.

Hope you guys all have a great weekend!  Stay dry.

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2/8 A normal schedule day!

Afternoon –

Math – doing some Benchmark review and today we took a look at tree diagrams for probability.  Homework is to complete our classwork.

Science – continuing on with our study of matter.  Homework is a worksheet.  Ask your students what happened to the plastic jug from yesterdays experiment.

Need to know:

  1. Internation Night is tonight from 6-7:30.
  2. Part 2 of the Science Fair project is due 2/14.  I am VERY picky on this part of the project.  Students need to list every material they need and every step.  I will be picking them apart so help ensure that your student has thought of everything!
  3. Valentine cards are to be given to all students in our homeroom or none of the students.  We will be exchaning them on the 14th @11:30 am.

Have a great evening!

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