Wednesday 10/17

Afternoon –


  1. Conference sign ups will go live tonight, 10/17, at 9. You will receive an email with a link to sign up from Sign-up Genius.
  2. Thursday 10/18, tomorrow, is our 5th grade picture day. Students should wear RED (even though it’s black-out day).
  3. 10/23 Scholastic orders are due.
  4. 10/24 is picture day.
  5. 10/26 Reflections are due.
  6. 10/29 week my homeroom is scheduled for cafeteria duty. Please sign up on Sign-up Genius.
  7. Veterans Day mini posters can be sent anytime.
  8. 11/16 Moody applications due.
  9. 11/28 GYSA applications due.

Math – we did rotations today to work on some order of operation problems. Assessment tomorrow, 10/18.

Science – today we worked on an activity called Rest In Pieces. Students all received the name of a rock and then researched to find out what kind of rock it is (sedimentary, metamorphic, or igneous). We will have an assessment on 10/19, Friday. 

Have a great evening.

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Tuesday 10/16

Afternoon –

FYI-some parents want the reminders at the top and some want them at the bottom. Therefore, I am trying to remember to alternate their location each day. We’ll see how I do!

Math – more order of operations practice. They have so much more confidence today than yesterday. We will have an order of operations assessment on Thursday, October 18th.

Science – ask your student about the experiment we did today with crayons and the connection to the rock cycle. IF students didn’t complete their Rock Pamphlet today it is due tomorrow at the end of the day and they were encouraged to take them home to complete. We will have a science assessment covering Science SOL 5.7, on Friday, October 19th. See yesterday’s blog for a complete list of topics.


  1. Fun Run is tomorrow, 10/17
  2. Tomorrow is “Wacky Tacky Wednesday” Dress wacky/tacky/mismatched
  3. Please sign up to help in the cafeteria the week of 10/29. It is approaching quickly.
  4. Did you check your students homework folder yesterday? There was a lot of information to be found.
  5. Picture day is coming up on October 24th. Dress like a PE Teacher day has been moved to 10/25
  6. Reflections are due 10/26
  7. Don’t forget to send in your Veterans Day mini poster.
  8. Moody applications are due 11/16.
  9. GYSA applications are due 11/28.
  10. Class picture is 10/18. Wear red. This is a change from the Success Week flyer sent home via email yesterday.

Have a great evening.

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Monday 10/15

Afternoon –

Hope everyone was okay during the weather event last Thursday evening. We lost power for two days but I’m thankful for a generator for the frig!


  1. Check your childs homework folder for important papers today (Raines Homeroom)
  2. Friday Folders will go home on 10/19. This is a grade level decision.
  3. FunRun on Wednesday. Is your paperwork in?
  4. Veterans Day event upcoming. Paper in homework folder.
  5. Moody applications are due 11/16
  6. GYSA applications are due 11/28
  7. Reflection entries are due 10/26
  8. Scholastic orders are due 10/23
  9. Please sign-up for our week of cafeteria duty. The students like seeing their parents when it is our week.

Math – really started working on order of operations today. Students shouldn’t worry if they didn’t fully ‘get it’ today. We have several more days and they will gain more confidence each day. They do have two problems for homework.

Science – we worked on a rock pamphlet and finished up our weathering/erosion/deposition/human impact mini-poster today. Students should be reviewing their notes as we will have an assessment on Friday covering all of the above plus tectonic plates, earthquakes, etc.

Have a great evening.

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Thursday 10/11

Afternoon – Looks like it’s going to be another interesting weather afternoon/night. Stay safe!


  1. Barefoot Puppet Theatre was here today. Ask your student for a run down of the show.
  2. Papa John’s orders due tomorrow 10/12 for the Fun Run pick-up date
  3. Fun Run registration due by 10/16
  4. Moody application due 11/16
  5. GYSA application due 11/28

Math-we had a really short lesson due to our first PTA sponsored program today. No homework.

Science – began a mini-poster of weathering/erosion/deposition/human impact. Looking good so far.

No outside recess today due to the weather.

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Wednesday 10/10

Afternoon –



  1. Moody application is due 11/16
  2. GYSA application is due 11/28
  3. Papa Johns Pizza pick-up at SGES orders are due 10/12 (Fun Run + pizza)
  4. Cardinal Fun Run forms are due 10/16 if participating
  5. Digging and Donuts forms are due 10/15 if participating

Math – took our SOL 6.3 & 6.4 assessment today. No homework this evening

Science – notes on fossils and human impact on Earth

Social Studies – finish timeline (not the Early Birds)

Have a great evening.

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Tuesday 10/9


I’m in a meeting so I hope that I don’t have too many typos for this blog update.

Math-assessment is tomorrow. We reviewed using two previous tests. Those tests should be glued in to their math spiral.  Here are the topics:

  1. Integers: identifying, comparing & contrasting, ordering, representation.
  2. Absolute Value.
  3. Exponents: exponential form, standard form, expanded form (including powers of 10 with positive exponents).
  4. Perfect Squares.
  5. Number lines.

Science – we started working on rocks and the rock cycle. The next few days will be filled with activities to reinforce what we discussed today.


  1. Moody application due 11/16
  2. GYSA application due 11/28
  3. Fun Run applications due

Have a great evening.

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Friday 10/5

Afternoon –

  1. Math quiz on Wednesday. This will cover integers, absolute value, powers of 10, exponents, and perfect squares.
  2. Moody applications are due 11/16
  3. GYSA applications are due 11/28
  4. Thank you to all who answered my blog question. Great feedback and some changes on the horizon.
  5. Grades are up which means…..
  6. Friday Folders went home today. Reminder all 84 & below in math, science, and social studies can be regraded. See my September 24th blog for details.
  7. Corrections are due on Tuesday or Wednesday of 10/8 week since students don’t go to school Monday. No late corrections will be accepted starting next week, except in the case of illness. The first two weeks of corrections we are working to get the kinks worked out. Students were told that this round is where they have to get them in on time. Thank you for helping them reach that goal.

Have a grand weekend.

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Thursday 10/4


  1. Math homework – none
  2. Science homework – none
  3. Moody application due 11/16
  4. GYSA application due 11/28
  5. All correction grades are updated

Math – today we started working on perfect squares. We used graph paper to make some perfect squares. A perfect square is a whole number whose square root is an integer. A perfect square results from multiplying a whole number by itself. We played around a little with square root which is not one of our SOLs but it sure is helpful with perfect squares.

Science – not today. Tomorrow we’ll start talking about the rock cycle, types of rocks, etc.

Social Studies – today we attempted to finish an activity from last Friday when I was out with my mom. I need another grade for Social Studies before the 1/2 way mark this nine weeks.

I am off to the fair later this afternoon. Have a great evening!


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Wednesday 10/3

Afternoon –


  1. PJ day tomorrow, 10/3. School appropriate please and a dollar for Maymont.
  2. Team Spirit Day Friday, 10/4.
  3. Moody applications are due 11/16.
  4. GYSA applications are due 11/28.

Math: today we started working on exponents. We will spend some time tweaking but for the most part we nailed it today. We rolled dice to come up with our exponential form and then solved.

Science: today we worked on Pangaea. Sometimes we overthink but today was a great reminder that Pangaea is a theory. We looked at two different visuals of Pangaea just to show that not even paid scientists know for sure what it looked like.

Have a great evening.

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Jello Experiment Day 10/2

Afternoon –

First of all, huge thank you to the 7 families that provided jello for our experiment today.  More about that later but I believe it was a success.


  1. Math – no homework tonight
  2. Science – no homework tonight
  3. Moody applications are due 11/16
  4. GYSA applications are due 11/28
  5. Tomorrow, 10/3, is our first Maymont Spirit Day. See email about Wacky Wednesday.
  6. Thursday, 10/4, is PJ Day. School appropriate, of course.
  7. Friday, 10/5 is Team Spirit Day.

Math: reviewing of absolute value and ordering/comparing integers in various forms.

Science: Today we were practicing our engineering skills. Our task was to build a building out of toothpicks and marshmallows that would be earthquake proof. We teamed up and most of the groups had great discussions on how they were going to build their buildings. It was fun to walk around and listen to their thoughts. It was even better when we brought in the jello (tectonic plates) and tested our buildings.  Can’t wait to read their thoughts on the activity.

Have a great evening!

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