May 23rd

Afternoon –

Last SOL of our Elementary School career under our belts. Of course, the Early Birds have their middle school SOL coming up later this week.

We’ll be heavy into projects, school based projects, the rest of the year. Still need a few more grades so the work is not over yet.

Have a great evening!

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May 22nd

Afternoon –

Here we are, at the night before our last elementary SOL. Who knew it would all go so quickly!

Math – still doing a tangram unit

Science – review

*Please return the RSVPs for the Poetry Tea tomorrow, 5/23. At this point there is one parent attending.

So sorry to have had a scheduling conflict last night. Heard so many good things about the whole experience.

Off to wish Dr. Kinlaw farewell. Have a great evening!

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May 21st

Afternoon –

IF your student is in Soundsations they need to be at Deep Run by 5:45 pm this evening, 5/21. Good luck to the SGES team!

IF you are in my homeroom you need to return the Poetry Tea rsvp on or before May 23rd. Your student was to bring said paper for rsvp home this afternoon.

Reading and Math SOLs under our belts and on Wednesday we’ll be taking the Science SOL which covers material from 4th and 5th grade. We did some reviewing today and if students didn’t complete their Science Weekly it is homework. Also, don’t forget to review the Science review packets.

Math – started working with Tangrams.

Have a great evening.



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May 17 Math SOL Testing Over

Afternoon¬† –

We’re glad to be on the other side of our Math SOL. Two SOLs down and one to go, aka Science, next Wednesday, May 23rd.

Students should be reviewing their 4th and 5th grade Science SOL packets and spirals in preparation for Wednesday.

We started our mini-unit on the Southwest States. Students need to be reviewing all of the states as each test has states/capitals from previous units.

Need to know:

  1. Basketball Tournament is Monday the 21st at Deep Run from 5:45-8. No cost.
  2. Soundsations is singing at the above mentioned activity.
  3. Poetry Tea is May 29th for Mrs. Raines’s homeroom. Come on out to hear what we’ve been creating.
  4. June 1st is Field Day.

Have a great evening and pretend your in the Caribbean cause it sure feels like it!

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About that Math SOL

Afternoon –

For math review today we tossed a beach ball around with various math problems, 107 math problems. It was a fun/different way to review.

Students should be reviewing the 4 math packets, their math spiral and the dump sheet that we’ve created the last few days. They can’t use that dump sheet but its a good one!

Science-we reviewed cells and have an Ocean packet for homework this evening.

Everyone get a good nights rest and eat a great breakfast. Tomorrow is part 1, aka the no calculator piece of the test.

Have a great evening!

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May 11

Afternoon –

Math – reviewing our way through our 5th grade math journey. Students should be looking over the four math packets. See yesterday’s blog for the names of each packet.

Science – reviewing our way through our 5th grade science journey. Students should be looking over the fourth grade packets that we’ve gone over and add to that the fifth grade packets.

Social Studies – pretty much on hold until Thursday after we complete our math SOL. After that we’ll be doing mostly Science & Social Studies until we take our Science SOL then it’ll be a bit of this and a bit of what interests my students.

Hope you guys enjoy the rather warm weekend and that Mother’s Day is memorable.

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May 9 & 10

Afternoon –

Hoping to see some of you guys this evening. I’ll be here for a wee bit before I have to leave.

Math – students should be reviewing the four packets that have been sent home in the last few weeks:

  1. Computation and Estimation
  2. Number and Number Sense
  3. Probability, Statistics, Patterns, Functions and Algebra
  4. Measurement and Geometry

Science- students should be reviewing the fourth grade science packets that have been snet home in the last week: SOLs 4.1-4.8. Today we began our review of fifth grade SOLs: 5.2-5.3.

Social Studies we will resume once our math SOL is over next week. We have a few more states to learn about in this great country in which we live.

Have a great evening!


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May 7 & 8 Reading SOLs are done!

Afternoon –

One SOL down and two to go!

Love that we had 100% participation in the graduation donation category.  You guys rock!

Math we are working on reviewing various misconceptions from this year and recent assessments.

Science – we are reviewing 4th grade Science SOLs to remind our brains what we learned last year. There is homework this evening if students didn’t complete the work in class today.

Need to know:

  1. SGES family picnic is this Thursday, the 10th. See the flyer sent home regarding this end of year event.
  2. Don’t forget that Field Day t-shirts have to be ordered today.

Thank you for all the spring colors on Monday and all the wintergreen life savers & the Snickers! Mmmmmm. You guys are the bestest!

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May the fourth be with you

Afternoon –

Math – working on review of SOLs that need our attention. Looks like the distributive property is going to need a wee bit of work.

Science – working on review of 4th grade SOLs.

Social Studies – working on a long term project regarding the 50 states and their highest point.

Need to know:

  1. SGES family picnic on May 9th from 5-7
  2. Don’t forget to order your field day tshirt

Have a great weekend.

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May 3rd

Afternoon –

Math – more review of previous concepts. Homework involves a calculator and an SOL packet.

Social Studies – completed midwest post cards or it is homework.

Science – completing the 4.1/5.1 study guide. Students shouldn’t rush to do just the answers. They should read over the other information to get back up to speed on their 4th grade science SOLs.

Need to know:

  1. Tomorrow is hat/sunglasses day in honor of St Judes
  2. Last day for St Jude is tomorrow, 5/4.
  3. Still accepting graduation donations of $25. Help make our kiddos graduation extra specail.
  4. Still missing picture packets or money from about half of the class.
  5. Field Day is coming. Did you order your childs t-shirt?
  6. SGES end of year picnic is coming 5/10 from 5-7.
  7. Save the date for graduation! 6/15 Just a reminder that this event is for parents/guardians only!
  8. Just entered a ton of grades to be ready for Friday Folders tomorrow. I think I am finally caught up but I could be wrong.

Have a great evening!

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