Technology and Innovations in the 1960’s Saad_Schumacher

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 Technology and Innovation of the 1960’s

The “Sixties” was an expediential time period which consisted of the huge

cultural and technologic advancements. Society was rapidly introduced to new technology and

innovations they sought to ever exist. The year 1960, first working laser was demonstrated in

May by Theodore Maiman at Hughes Research Laboratories. Laser technology will be involved

in many attributes in the fields of science and medicine in the near future. By 1961 the very first

industrialized robot was manufactured by George Devol. The industrialized robot will forever

change the way mass manufacturing. Every young teenage boy can be grateful for the creation of

the first video game ‘Spacewar’. Created by Dan Edwards and Peter Samson, the World’s most

popular form of entertainment with continue occupy teenage minds for centuries to come. The

Philips Company of the Netherlands invented and released the first compact audio-cassette in

1962. They used high-quality polyester 1/8-inch tape produced by BASF. Recording and

playback was at a speed of 1.7/8 inches per second. Adolph Fick first thought of making glass

contact lenses in 1888, but it took until 1948 when Kevin Tuohy invented the soft plastic lens for

contacts to become a reality. Stephanie Kwolek’s research with high performance chemical

compounds for the DuPont Company led to the development of a synthetic material called

Kevlar which is five times stronger than the same weight of steel. Kevlar, patented by Kwolek

in1966, does not rust nor corrode and is extremely lightweight. Many police officers owe their

lives to Stephanie Kwolek, for Kevlar is the material used in bullet proof vests. Other

applications of the compound include underwater cables, brake linings, space. In 1951 medicine

and science itself was revolutionized, the creation of birth control. Never has a form of medicine

drastically alter a nation’s cultural. Women began to think with a different mindset, a much more

liberal mindset that is. Now free of the risk of pregnancy women were able to explore lust much

more frequently than previous decades. Overall every attribute to the advancements in

technology fed the evolvement and industrialization in the America we live in today. Without

these essential attributes we would have continued life with the leisure’s we have now.