Nixon – Siewers and Babcock

Richard Nixon was a very important part of history. He had a big influence in the 1960s to 1970s. Nixon was president from 1969 to 1974. During this time, the Vietnam War occurred. Prior to his presidency, he was vice president under Lyndon B. Johnson. He was the 37th president of the United States. Richard resigned because of the Watergate scandal. The Watergate scandal was in Washington D.C at the Watergate hotel. People from his administration brokeinto the DNC’s headquarters in the Watergate hotel and bugged the room and the phones. These people were part of CREEP–committee to re-elect the president. Why Nixon was under investigation for the cover-up of Watergate. He refused to hand tapes over to Congress citing his power of executive privilege. He said that he did not have to hand the tapes over because it could endanger national security. He eventually gave the tapes to Congress but after he altered them. As Congress began the impeachment investigations, he resigned before it went to the Senate for trial. He would most likely have been removed from office. images

President Nixon was the first American president to acknowledge mainland China as a sovereign nation instead of Taiwan. The reason why America did not recognize China was because they were communists. Nixon was the first President to visit China while in office. Nixon came up with the idea of the triangular diplomacy. It consisted of the US, USSR, and China. China and USSR were both communists. The Soviets and Chinese were seeking American support. Nixon believe international peace and power could be achieved by using the US as a mediator between the USSR and China. Nixon also believed that tensions could ease if the U.S. became friendly with communist China.
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Both the USSR and China cut back support of North Vietnam in order to better relations with America. When Nixon assumed the presidency, he inherited a horrendous war. About 300 American soldiers were dying each week and the war at home was becoming more unpopular everyday. Nixon, in the 1970’s, will announce “Vietnamization”; this was America’s policy to teach the South Vietnamese to fight for themselves and for the American soldiers to return home. He campaigned in both of his elections on the promise of ending the Vietnam war. Originally, he had no intention of keeping this promise but rather he planned to escalate the war. He secretly bombed Laos and Cambodia, which infuriated Congress and the American public. His popularity was sinking and then Watergate happened.
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Nixon did many things for America. He was the first president to acknowledge China as a sovereign nation. This led to the triangular diplomacy, which lessened tensions between the US other communist nations such as the USSR and China. The lessened tensions helped end the Cold War. He also ended US involvement in the Vietnam War. Nixon was the only president to resign. Nixon’s foreign policy helped slow down the cold war and made relations between us and the Reds less tense. Nixon did a great job in dealing with communist China. Richard Nixon

Nixon’s acknowledgement of China helped us today because now we have interactions with them and other communist countries.The interactions between the US and USSR is better now because of the triangular diplomacy, which lessened tensions between the two nations. The Watergate Scandal led to skepticism of political leaders. Congress is more aware of such things and watch out for anything like that to happen again. Nixon shaped the US into what it is today.
Richard Nixon