Emergence of Youth Culture in the 1960s

What? The emergence of the teen culture in the 1960’s was very bold.  The youth during the ‘60s were the result of the baby boom. Haircuts were the first sign of rebellion during this time, teens would let their hair grow out and it would look messy and this was the style.  Drugs were a huge factor in teens culture during this time.  Marijuana was passed down into this generation and the drug LSD was created.  This made the generation very relaxed and rebellious. Music was also very popular; it was a way people expressed themselves and made concerts more popular.  The 1960’s is known as the sexual revolution because the attitude of the time was wild and teens wanted to rebel.  Also during the ‘60s hippies were popular.  A hippie was a mainly white child during this time who rejected American culture because it was too boring and uptight.  They were the stereotypical teenager during the 1960’s.

So What? The emergence of the teen culture changed many things in the United States. Many very influential people contributed to the movement of the youth. The 1960s changed the way people thought, acted, and their moral values. This generation was responsible for racial equality, the emergence of hippies, and The Beatles. The most important advance during the 1960s, however, was The Civil Rights Movement, because it completely changed America and the way we do things. One of the most important obstacles we faced was segregation, and we have been living without it ever since. Teenagers during this time adapted to integration and their personalities were affected as a result. Their thinking changed the way teenagers and adults think today as far as music and spirit. The 1960s were one of the most important generations overall, because we overcame so many things.

Now What?  Today our culture would not be the same if the teen culture in the 1960’s had changed.  Concerts are very popular events in 2014 and without this change in culture this would not be so.  At the time, to most adults, this seemed like a disaster to the children and the generation but in the long run it really helped the culture of the United States for the future.  The sexual and drug revolution during the 1960’s was wild but it caused the present culture to be less uptight and more relaxed in their personalities.  Though hippies are not very common in today’s society,they influenced it more than you think because they are the reason that our culture is not as uptight as it had been in the past.