The Cold War – Sara and Alexa

The Cold War was the period of American History that lasted from 1945 to 1991. The origins of it began in World War II.At the beginning of the cold war the conflict was more political than military.The communist takeover in China, the creation of the Truman Doctrine, the advent of a Soviet nuclear weapon, tensions over whether Germany should be occupied or not, the outbreak of the Korean War, and the formulation of the Warsaw Pact and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization as rival alliances are all factors that had enhanced the Cold War’s military dimension.


The cold war obtained its name from both sides, the United States and the Soviet Union, being to afraid to fight each other directly. The reason it is called the “Cold” war is because no actual fighting took place between the United States, because it ultimately would have led to nuclear warfare and World War III. They used words as weapons, threatening and making each other look foolish was their way of fighting.


However, they did involve themselves in different conflicts involving other countries such as the Vietnam War and the Korean War, which were not very successful for the United States. The Korean War ended in a stalemate. In these conflicts they fought against each other but not directly. President Truman wrote the Truman Doctrine which was a plan to help Greece and Turkey out with their financial needs as developing nations and help them avoid communism. The closest call during this war was the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. The United States had put nuclear missiles in Turkey and the Soviets found out and so in return the USSR placed nuclear missiles in Cuba facing towards the US. It was a 13 day standstill when the United States was not sure if the Soviets would launch the missiles at them from only 90 miles away.  The biggest conflict throughout the entire Cold War was the spread of communism in Eastern Europe. The United States practiced the idea of containment of communism, which means they did everything they could to avoid the Soviet Union spreading communism. The United States and their allies created NATO or the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to form a democratic alliance against the communist Warsaw Pact which was an alliance between the Soviet Union and their .allies.  The end of the Cold War took place in 1991 during the fall of the Soviet Union. This time period is important to America because it showed our determination in the fight against communism. Today it means that if we were to go to war with anyone as powerful as the Soviet Union it would end up in nuclear warfare and potentially World War III.