Lauren and Caroline – The Year Of 1968

            The year of 1968 had a lot of major events.  Lots of events and lots of assassinations occurred that changed American life forever. Martin Luther King Jr. was an American Pastor and leader in the American Civil Rights Movement. On April 4th, 1968 Martin was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee by James Earl Ray. The tragic assassinations continued with Robert F. Kennedy. On June 5th, 1968 Robert Kennedy was assassinated in Los Angeles, California during the campaign for the presidential election of 1968. Robert Kennedy was JFK’s younger brother and began his election campaign after the tragic assassination of his brother. Robert would have won the Democratic nomination if the assassination had not occurred. Due to the death of Robert F. Kennedy, on November 5th, 1968 Richard Nixon was elected president. Nixon then launched the first US mission to orbit the Moon on December 21st, 1968. This was the Apollo 8. This lead to the first man on the Moon, which occurred on July 20th, 1969.

           The assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. lead to an uproar of of the African Americans. Riots broke out in the streets across the United States. This death caused the propulsion of the Civil Rights Act. If Robert F. Kennedy was not assassinated, he would have become President of The United States and Nixon would have lost. This would have started a Kennedy dynasty, a whole line of Kennedy’s as presidents. The lack of Nixon’s influence on the nation would may have caused a loss of the Apollo 8. The lack of the Apollo 8 could have ultimately led to the Space Race to not have been won by the Americans. America became a major nation to watch after the win of the Space Race. Without this America would not have been as much of a major nation to watch.

        Due to all these assassinations security for our presidents has improved greatly. Back during Robert Kennedy’s presidency there was not as high protection from the United States Secret Service. Without the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. the push for a speedy Civil Rights Movement, would not have occurred.  There may have been a slow push for Civil Rights, the movement would have taken more amount of time and could have caused a war.

Video of the Assassination of MLK