Kristen and Anna – LBJ and The Great Society

This is a photo of LBJ when he entered office.

Video of LBJ addressing Congress after the assassination of JFK– This is a video of LBJ addressing Congress after the assassination of JFK. We chose to show this video because LBJ became president after the assassination of JFK.

Lyndon B. Johnson was born on August 27,1908. He grew up in central Texas. He got married in 1934 to Claudia Taylor. In the 1960 campaign LBJ was JFK’s running mate, he was the elected as Vice President. The Great society was a social reform that attempted to end poverty, promote equality, improve education and protect the environment. The Great Society was also known as the “War on Poverty”. Education reform was also an important part of the Great Society.Johnson passed the Higher education act. Urban renewal and conservation was the third major part to the plan.LBJ’s re-election was a landslide victory against Barry Goldwater, it added momentum to the Great Society reforms.

This is a photo of LBJ giving “The Great Society” speech.

Lyndon B. Johnson first came into office after the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Johnson was able to provide stability to America after Kennedy had died. Johnson was able to affect America by passing many legislations. Many of the legislations that were passed under Johnson were designed to protect the nation’s land, air, water, wilderness, and quality of life. He also had administrations passed to aid education and he passed Medicare and Medicaid programs to aid health insurance. Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The Civil Rights Act affects America because it outlawed discrimination based on race, color, or national origin.  The Great Society, also know as the “War on Poverty”, was one of Johnson’s initiatives. Poverty rates significantly declined during the “War on Poverty”, hitting in all-time low in 1973. The greatest impact The Great Society had on Americas was the standard of living. Many of the programs that were implemented in the Johnson administration have since been dismantled by conservative leaders.

This is a photo of LBJ and Martin Luther King Jr. discussing Civil Rights.

The reason we are still learning about LBJ and the Great Society because some of his legislations that he passed are still in use today. For example, Medicare and Medicaid are still in use today. Medicaid and Medicare are two governmental programs that provide medical and health-related services. Both Medicaid and Medicare are beneficial today because they provide us with vaccine and hospital services. The Great Society influenced major programs such as social security,social insurance, disability insurance, and medicare.These programs are still around today and have great affects on us.