JFK New Frontier

The “New Frontier” was designed by John F. Kennedy to help America inspire and support him. The two main ideas of the New Frontier were social reform and a stronger military. During time period we needed a formidable defense against the communist countries. The Navy Seals and the US Army Green Berets were the result of Kennedy’s advocacy for Special Forces, while in office.

The social reform programs were designed to fight poverty and improve quality of life for all Americans. Kennedy increased the amount of social security payments, so the retired had more money to spend. Also during this time the food stamps were created which gave the unemployed and poor Americans money to spend on groceries. The unemployed were given a thirteen-week supplement of money, so that they could find a new job while not having to be homeless. Quality of life was improved during this time period because of the Clean Air Act of 1963. The Clean Air Act of 1963 expanded the powers of the Federal Government to prevent and control air pollution, so cars during this era had stricter pollution regulations. He helped most of the American public by encouraging tax cuts, so people would have to pay less taxes, which allowed them to spend more in the free market. This caused unease for many people because the tax cuts and social programs increased the government spending. However the government did not stop funding for most of the programs, and in fact congress gave Kennedy $5 million dollars for urban renewal programs. This helped restore and reclaim lots of land in major cities.

Kennedy cared about what was happening in other countries and wanted to help the underdeveloped countries, so he created the Peace Corps which provided technical, economic, and health education. Also students benefited from these social programs because there was one which broadened the requirements for student loans. Kennedy’s most famous quote for the new frontier was “ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” However after all this hard work Lyndon Johnson got most of the recognition for many of the social programs because Kennedy was assassinated while he was in office.


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