Counter Culture (Radicalism) Bryan and Palkovics


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What: The Counter Culture Movement was when people of the ‘60’s began to become more free spirited. Things such as rock music, premarital sex, and birth control became popular during this time. Bathing was not as important as important to people as it had been in the past. Marijuana, LSD, and other recreational drugs were openly used and none of these things were normal. It is also known as  “radicalism”.
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So What: The Counter Culture Movement spread widely and quickly during the ‘60’s. Not only were people going against the status-quo, but they were openly breaking the law. Teens were smoking marijuana in front of their parents, and doing other rebellious acts because of their lack of care. The revolution also brought about the censoring of books, music, theater and other media. During the whole segment of people began breaking the law and the hippie revolution, the bans and protections set were all to protect the American society.



What Now: Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus went against the status quo.  They are doing things that are standing out in public and not trying to be role models and making many poor choices, unlike Tim Tebow, who does well and is doing the right things.  He is making good choices and has many younger people looking up to him.  Miley Cyrus supports drugs while many people find that frowned upon and Justin Bieber is peeing on the sides of buildings.  Tim Tebow has opened up about being very religious and still being able to focus on school, sports, religion, and family.  Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus are all about what will make them be on the news and publicized.