Civil Right Movement (By: Chris Bone and Pierce Mayo)


Even after the Civil War ended and all the black slaves were freed from captivity, African-Americans were still discriminated against throughout the 1900’s. By the 1960’s, people were fed up with the Jim Crow laws and discrimination and segregation of them from the rest of the world. The movement of this race to fight for equality is called the Civil Rights Movement. The movement starred people like Martin Luther King Jr., and Rosa Parks who paved the way for America to finally be equal.

When the Civil Rights Movement occurred America was divided. White people, particularly in the south, supported segregation and there were often riots, fights, and other conflicts that arose in the south. With the things like the bus boycott and the march on Washington, the African-Americans successfully took America by storm and got rights for themselves equal to everyone else. It unified the country and ended any tension there was between the government and African-Americans. Soon after the Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964, black people became successful people who excelled in their occupation and brought respect to the African-American community.

The Civil Rights Movement is important to understand because history repeats itself. Issues today of rights like women and homosexuals are rising and it becomes more of an issue each day. We care also because it’s important to know what happened and to acknowledge that everyone deserves equal rights.