Dear 5th graders,

The Great Depression had a major impact on the country. The Great Depression was a period of time when the country was having major problems with the economy, which meant there were no jobs, no food and people were very poor. Many people lost their jobs, their houses, and even their cars.  In total there were 5 major things that caused the country wide depression. One of the most known; most popular reasons was the stock market crashing.

To know what the stock market is you need to know what stock is. Stock is when you buy a part of a company.  So if you think of the stock market like a Christmas tree and you keep putting ornaments on it is eventually going to crash just like the stock market did. Another cause of the great depression was farming and industries were at an all-time low. New machines increased production which decreased the need for people to be working.  More causes were people were being paid less money and also getting fired from their jobs, there were more goods being produced than people were buying, and also there were large amounts of goods in warehouses.  I hope you learned a little about the Great Depression after reading this.great-depression2soup-lineperson