Oct 18

We go to the playground even when it is cold outside- so please have your children work on dressing accordingly!

Oct 13

The weather is changing and it’s a great time to foster more independence in your child. Make sure you talk to them each morning about what the weather is like outside. Maybe even open a window or door to let them see and feel what it really is like! Work together in making decisions about what is best to wear that day. For example, “it’s chilly out- you will be cold in short sleeves! What could you wear that will keep you warm?” These types of conversations should make getting dressed a more enjoyable experience where they can learn while feeling involved in the decision making. And make sure they get plenty of practice dressing themselves!

Oct 13

Picture Day is Friday, 10/19  Please mark your calendars for Picture Day on Friday, 10/19 so that your child is prepared.  Information regarding the pictures and payment will come home in your child’s folder. For fall pictures, payment must be made in advance. Payment can be done online before picture day or payment can be made when your child brings the payment to school on picture day, 10/19.  For either option for payment, online or payment on site, your child should bring an envelope on picture day if you plan to purchase.  Directions will also be given with the envelopes that go home on Tuesday, 10/16 that will provide further details. 

Oct 5

Today our students got to participate in a book fair preview and look at all the books being offered. They got to make a wish list of books they want to purchase. The wish list is located in your child’s backpack.

When looking for books for your child, please look for books that can fit in two categories:

  1. Look for books for shared reading with your child. This would be a book that has more words or even full sentences on a page that require an adult to to read it to them. Still look for engaging pictures, but know that more words are okay.
  2. Look for books that your child can look at independently, view the pictures, and come up with words on their own. Board books are a great choice!
Oct 4

I have heard a few of our little ones talking about the great times they have had at the state fair. If you are interested in attending, too, here is a link to the website!

Oct 4

Oct 3

Please have your child wear BLUE on Friday October 5th in part of our celebration of Mr. Kaechele Day!

Oct 2

Just a reminder- there is no school on Monday October 8th!

Sep 28

Fridays are our library days! Every Friday, we will get an opportunity to read a story with our school’s librarian, Ms. Sulzer. We will also get a chance to choose a book to bring home and borrow for a week.

This is a wonderful opportunity to engage in laptime reading with your child! Practice reading the book every night. Our students THRIVE with repetition- it’s how they learn! Ask your child questions, even if you don’t think they know the answer. “Do you see the bear?” “What is he doing?” “What do you think is going to happen next?” “Why do you think he feels that way?” And get silly! Practice changing your voice for the characters, ask your child to “read” the story based on the pictures, or even act out a scene from the book! All of this will help your child develop their social, emotional, cognitive, language, and literacy skills!

And don’t forget to return the book every Friday!

Sep 24

Please refer to the flier coming home in your child’s backpack about “Kaechele Coyote Club.” I would love to have all of our families participate! Remember- reading for our students INCLUDES laptime story time, meaning it counts as “reading” if they are engaging in a shared story time with someone else.

Now fill out those boxes for reading and exercise!

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