Ms. Gena's Class Blog
Oct 13

Welcome to the class blog!

I encourage all of you to explore this website and get to know it! It will serve as a wonderful resource for you all to see the things your child is doing while away at school.  Each class will have its own password-protected page where I will talk about the themes, activities, and concepts we are working on in class. You will also be able to see pictures of our little smiling faces as we explore this new learning environment with our classmates.

Each year, my blog looks just a little different than the year before. I want to make sure that it meets the needs of the families I’m working with! I encourage you all to give me feedback regarding your thoughts on the blog. If you appreciate seeing something, or would like to see more of something just let me know and I will try to make the appropriate changes.


Oct 13

I want to send you all the warmest of welcomes to our class for the 2017-2018 school year! I know I missed a lot of fun activities during the first few weeks of school, but it is so evident to me that Ms. Pattie and Ms. Cindi did a wonderful job of making the beginning of our year a warm, inviting, and positive experience for our students.

During the first few weeks, our main focus is always on making the children feel comfortable and supported in this new environment. I can tell that we have been successful in that as the children are all arriving happy and eager to participate!

Our main instructional focus at the beginning of the year is always on teaching the students our class routines, following directions, and understanding the new expectations that will be placed on them. We will continue to work on all of these things throughout the year, but I can tell that a strong foundation has already been developed.

I look forward to working with all of you!

Ms. Gena