Dec 3

Please help us in teaching proper handwashing techniques at home.

Here at school we teach them the steps in simple words. “Water on. Hands wet. Get Soap. Rub with soap. Rinse. Water off. Paper towel.”

We also often sing (to the tune of Row Your Boat) “Rub rub rub your hands, rub your hands with soap. Rub rub rub your hands rub your hands with soap.” By singing that song as they are rubbing, we are trying to prevent them from quickly washing all the soap down the drain.

We make sure that the students all wash their hands after using the toilet and before eating. We will even ask them to wash their hands if we see them with their fingers in their nose.

Please help us in continuing to teach these good habits!

Nov 28



Families- please check out these great ideas for sensory activities and heavy work chores. Did you know your child is old enough to start doing chores around your home? Take advantage and help your child’s sensory system at the same time.

Nov 28


Nov 28


Nov 19

Did you know our bodies have proprioceptive systems? If not, check out this article that describes it and the “heavy work” that some children may need!


Nov 19

Here is an easy-to-read article that highlights the importance of consistency, routines, and clear expectations in improving children’s behavior.

Nov 19

Upcoming Event for January:  The next community wide KES event is International Night on Friday, January 18th.   Please consider hosting a “booth” and sharing information about a country. We would love to have countries represented from all the continents.   

Nov 19

Ashland Skateland PTA Spirit Event on Monday, Dec. 3rd;  5:30 PM- 7:30 PM  Please consider making this event a priority for your family.  Hope to see you there!

Nov 16

When you start hearing about bad weather, please check local media outlets and Henrico County Public Schools social media sites for information about school closings.

If Henrico County Public Schools are CLOSED, we will not have school that day.

If Henrico County Public Schools are having a 2-hour delay, both the AM and PM classes will not have school that day.

If Henrico County Public schools are having a 1-hour delay, the AM class will attend one hour later than usual, and the PM class will attend on time.

In these events, I always try to email you all. But if I am unable to, please refer here for information.

Nov 16

Make-up picture day is on December 3rd. Please let me know if you want your child to have their photo taken/retaken.

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