Feb 4

During the month of February, KES will celebrate “Random Acts of Kindness,” and we are encouraging all children to think about special ways they can practice kindness towards others. Each week we will have a community service project to help make the world a better place!  Information was sent home with all students this week. Below is a summary of the events:

February 4-8 Food Drive for Henrico County Blue Bus Department of Family and Community Engagement: Please bring in one or more food items to help those students and families in Henrico County who are in need of food. Items include: cereal boxes, cereal bars, fruit cups, applesauce, oatmeal, grits, fruit rolls, peanut butter, jams/jellies, mac-n-cheese, rice, noodles, beans, instant mashed potatoes, all veggie/fruit canned items, canned meats such as tuna, ham, or chicken, chili, corn beef hash, all soups – canned or in cartons, bottle water, juices, boxed drinks.

February 11-15 Coat Drive for Caring Clothes Closet RVA: This campaign is sponsored by our KES community service club. Please send in gently used children’s coats to help support those in need for warm winter items.


February 11-15 Children’s Hospital Foundations’ Change for Children Campaign: This campaign is sponsored by our KES SCA. 100% of the collection stay here in Richmond to support patients that are receiving services from Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU. Bring in any spare change for classroom change jars.

January 22-February 21 Healthy Schools, Healthy Virginia Thank you for considering a donation that will be shared with the American Heart Association and KES. Half of the donations will be used to purchase a set of Polar OH1 optical heart rate sensors. The other half of the donation will go to the American Heart Association. Go to www.HealthySchoolsHealthyVa.com and click on Find My School. Locate your school, click Become a Fundraiser and the Join a Team.

Feb 4

Are you receiving an email for the Coyote Courier each Sunday? The Coyote Courier is our Kaechele newsletter- it’s the best way for you to stay up-to-date with everything that is happening at KES. Please make sure you read it each week! And let me know if you are not receiving the email for it.

Jan 14

World Read Aloud Day is Friday, February 1st.  KES coyotes will be making Global Connections Through Reading during an assembly on that day and then in their classrooms throughout the month of February.  To prepare for our assembly, Mrs. Patterson is asking each and every KES family to share ONE picture of your family reading together and send that picture to me.  The pictures will be used in a slide show that will be shared during our assembly. Our goal is to have every child in every classroom represented in the slide show.  Please help us showcase how much we love reading, and especially reading aloud, at KES!   

Jan 11

It is extremely important that we all maintain good practices to keep our kids healthy at school and, if necessary, to  keep them home when they are ill to prevent the spread of germs to others.  Students should be symptom free of contagious disease (no fever, no vomiting or diarrhea, no rashes, etc.) and without the use of fever reducing medications (Tylenol and/or Motrin) for a minimum of 24 hours prior to returning to school.

These are examples of when your child should stay home from school:

  1. If the student has a fever of 100 degrees or greater (prior to taking a fever reducing medication)
  2. If the student is vomiting or has diarrhea because of illness
  3. If the student has an unknown rash or possible contagious condition
  4. If the student is unable to focus due to pain, chronic health condition or acute illness
  5. If the student has flu-like illness (with or without fever) consisting of headache, tired, cough, aches, weakness or sore throat
  6. If the student has been prescribed antibiotics, they must be taking the medication for at least 24 hours before returning to school.
Jan 11

The library is a MAGICAL place for children. There are tons of planned activities as well as fun things to do on a drop-in basis. Need tips for a successful visit? Let me know!


Jan 11

SAVE THE DATE:  Thursday, January 31st; 5:30-7:00 PM, Kaechele’s Annual International Festival
We are asking families to sponsor a “booth” to share their personal connections and/or interests in a country from around our globe.  Help our KES coyotes become Global Citizens and become active participants in a larger society by building global awareness and demonstrating respect for fellow community members.   If interested in hosting a booth or volunteering in some aspect during this event, then please contact Ramnita Sandu ramnita_sandhu@yahoo.com or Parnita Singh parnitasingh123@gmail.com  

Jan 11

Just a reminder- there is no school on Monday January 21st and Monday January 28th.

Dec 3

Please help us in teaching proper handwashing techniques at home.

Here at school we teach them the steps in simple words. “Water on. Hands wet. Get Soap. Rub with soap. Rinse. Water off. Paper towel.”

We also often sing (to the tune of Row Your Boat) “Rub rub rub your hands, rub your hands with soap. Rub rub rub your hands rub your hands with soap.” By singing that song as they are rubbing, we are trying to prevent them from quickly washing all the soap down the drain.

We make sure that the students all wash their hands after using the toilet and before eating. We will even ask them to wash their hands if we see them with their fingers in their nose.

Please help us in continuing to teach these good habits!

Nov 28



Families- please check out these great ideas for sensory activities and heavy work chores. Did you know your child is old enough to start doing chores around your home? Take advantage and help your child’s sensory system at the same time.

Nov 28


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