CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) is one of the core components of the IB Programme.  Students are expected to engage in CAS throughout the MYP and DP.  CAS aims to develop many of the traits of the IB Learner Profile in the student.  CAS is experiential learning that allows students to pursue their personal interests, give back to the community and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Projects can be local or international in nature, team and individual, and take place during the junior year.  Using an online subscription, ManageBac, students record evidence of experiences, make connections to the learner outcomes, and post reflections.


CAS handout FY2018-19 (9th) Freshmen are required to meet with Mrs. Harper in October to discuss your chosen experiences. Use the GoogleDoc to sign up.

CAS handout FY2018-19 (10th) Sophomores, a meeting with Mrs. Harper is optional. During October please use the Google Doc. To schedule a meeting to discuss CAS after October, please email Mrs. Harper.

The Learning Outcomes have been modified. Click here or an explanation.

For MYP–due May 3, 2019   Final CAS Questions


Guide for JRT DP CAS 2017-18  Class of 2019

Guide for JRT DP CAS 2018-19 Class of 2020

Juniors, sign up on the Google Doc to schedule the first of three required meetings with the CAS Coordinator.

Risk Assessment completed and signed by student and parent, due 10/29/18


Learning Outcomes