Seminar is another unique piece of IB in Henrico County.  The purpose is to instruct students on many program topics such as CAS, IB assessments, and the Personal Project.  In addition to the learning the nuts and bolts of the IB Program, educational lessons are built around the IB Learner Profile traits and each month a different trait is highlighted.  This is accomplished through films, discussions, essays, guest speakers and other activities.   The 9th grade students meet Mondays with the coordinator on a rotating schedule throughout the academic year.

The theme of this year for freshmen is “What skills do I need to achieve my goals?”  Through seminar lessons, students will evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and will work on developing skills critical for academic and personal success.


9th grade curriculum 2017-18

APRIL–risk taker

4/9–In groups you worked on aligning your project topic with the correct Global Context.


3/19–We continued talking about your ideas for the PP. You received the student packet 2018 with all necessary information. We discussed how to write a proposal, the conferences with Harper and Cuccherini, the role of the supervisor and mentor, and how to select someone who will guide you through the PP process.

3/12–You brainstormed possible topics to pursue for the personal project. Seniors visited seminar to share their projects and experiences. Continue to think about what you would most love to explore for the PP.

3/5–We finished watching the Nelson Mandela documentary and had a reflection discussion.


2/26–Freshmen remained in class today instead of attending seminar.

2/12–In recognition of Black History Month, we learned about Nelson Mandela through a Smithsonian documentary. IB History teacher, Mr. Gauthier, came to give some background and introduce the film.

2/5–To help us make better decisions about how we spend our time, and not delaying the start of tasks, we looked to the Approaches to Learning (self-management skills) for what we need to know, do and learn. We read a New York Times article on micro-planning and watched a Ted Talk on time management.




12/11–We watched clips of the Frontline documentary “Generation Like” to discuss the use of social media by young people and corporations.

12/4–CAS check-in


11/27–Ms. Hunt visited to check in on your transition to high school. She presented on redefining success and shared some strategies to help. Click here for the PPT.

11/13–The Librarians visited today to share information on different learning styles. You took a survey to find out how you prefer to learn, and did an activity to brainstorm strategies for your learning style. See below for the links to the Prezi, VARK survey and list of strategies for each style.



Characteristics of learning styles


10/30–CAS meetings and time to enter your selected experiences

10/23–CAS meetings and time to enter your selected experiences

10/16–We reviewed the information needed for the CAS descriptions and talked about how to post reflections. You had time to begin an entry and ask Mrs. Harper questions. .

10/2–We continued to discuss CAS: selection of activities, deadlines, requirements and how HCPS community service fits.  ManageBac was introduced and you clicked on the link sent to your email to create an account.  You also signed up to meet with Mrs. Harper during October using the Google Doc found on the CAS page of the IB Tucker website.


9/25–Several different groups visited seminar today. The Model UN, Debate, and Forensics Teams came to talk about what they do and to encourage you to join. The Ethics Council did an ice breaker with you and spoke about their experiences with CAS.

9/18–CAS introduction! You learned what it means to participate in CAS (creativity, activity, service).  We discussed some possible experiences to get involved and the deadlines. You received a handout with the deadlines and explanation of the requirements. Hover over “Program Overview” and click on the CAS tab to see a copy and to sign up on the Google Doc to meet with Mrs. Harper to discuss your ideas for CAS.

9/11–You learned how we IB at JRT. We talked about the Academic Honesty Policy, reviewed the AH pamphlet and talked about your responsibilities to maintain a fair and honest assessment environment for all. We reviewed the forms distributed. Return them to the IB Office by 9/25.

Hello, Freshmen!  Seminar will begin on Monday, September 11. You will report directly to the Auditorium at the beginning of period 1.  See you then!

Forms due to the IB Office on 9/25:  JRT Academic Honesty Contract FY2017-18     Directory form     Maintaining Good Standing HS 2017-18 MGS signature page   Media Release for Tucker IB students