Seminar is another unique piece of IB in Henrico County.  The purpose is to instruct students on many program topics such as CAS, IB assessments, and the Personal Project.  In addition to the learning the nuts and bolts of the IB Program, educational lessons are built around the IB Learner Profile traits and each month a different trait is highlighted.  This is accomplished through films, discussions, essays, guest speakers and other activities.   The 12th grade students meet Mondays on a rotating schedule with the coordinator throughout the academic year.

This year’s theme for seniors is “How can I prepare for my future?”  We will talk about planning for the future, fulfilling goals and dreams, and striving to do your very best.


12th grade curriculum 2018-19

Hello, seniors! Seminar will begin Monday, September 10. Please report to the Auditorium at the beginning of period 4. See you then!


9/17–Today was a CAS refresher followed by another discussion of how the diploma is awarded. See the DP General Regulations handout you received in seminar Sept. 2017 or visit the DP tab of the IB Tucker website to download another copy.

9/10–post a selfie to the padlet to tell me how you’re feeling about senior year. https://padlet.com/ellie_mcgee29/Classof2019  You shared some seminar topics you would like to have this year and you received the forms below and we discussed the content.

Complete the following forms and return them to the IB Office by 9/24

Maintaining Good Standing HS 2018-19      MGS signature

JRT Academic Honesty Contract FY2018-19

Media Release for Tucker IB students