Seminar is another unique piece of IB in Henrico County. The purpose is to instruct students on many program topics such as CAS, Internal and External IB assessments, and the Extended Essay. In addition to the learning the nuts and bolts of the IB Program, educational lessons are built around the IB Learner Profile traits and each month a different trait is highlighted. This is accomplished through films, discussions, essays, guest speakers and other activities. The 11th grade students meet Mondays with the coordinator on a rotating schedule throughout the academic year.

The theme of this year for juniors is “How do I build reliable knowledge for my future?” Through seminar lessons and supported by TOK, students will examine their knowledge, and how it can best prepare them for the next steps of their lives.


11th grade curriculum 2018-19


3/11 & 3/18–Today was an EE work session



2/25–The Ethics Council visited to conduct small group discussions. Reminder, no seminar for juniors on March 4.

2/11–Ms. Hunt visited to review topics in preparation for your upcoming junior meetings.  PowerPoint

2/4–EE session #7


1/14–snow day

1/7– IB Awards Ceremony rehearsal was today.


11/26–EE session #5


10/29–EE session #4

10/22–Ms. Hunt visited to share information on college searches and signing up for SAT’s. Here is her presentation. Those of you taking Psych or Math/Math Studies this year registered for exams on ManageBac. Any questions or changes? Come to the IB Office.


10/1–EE session #3


9/24–EE session #2. Visit the Library course page in Schoology for the assignment you began today.

9/17–EE session #1. Visit the Library course page in Schoology for the assignment you began today. It is due to Ms. Marchioli and Ms. Morrison by 4pm on Tuesday, Sept. 19.

9/10–You turned in the EE summer enrichment for Ms. Marchioli and Ms. Morrison. I explained the MYP results that will be mailed home this week. You received the forms below and we discussed the content. We also discussed reflections from last year.

Hello, Juniors!  Seminar will begin Monday, September 10.  Please report to the Auditorium at the beginning of period 3. See you then!

You received a copy of the DP general regulations

Complete the following forms and return to the IB Office by 9/24:

Maintaining Good Standing HS 2018-19      MGS signature

JRT Academic Honesty Contract FY2018-19

Media Release for Tucker IB students