IB Applicants

APPLICATIONS: The specialty center timeline FY 2018-19 is available here. The online application will go live November 20, 2017.  Visit http://henricoschools.us/specialty-centers/  or click here to access the application.  Parents must first complete the parent waiver via the PowerSchool Parent Portal before students can access the application.

Private school students: An online application is in the works. More details will available soon.  Also, parents must register their student for the required NWEA and HAT tests in advance.  Contact Lesley Brown (# below) for testing sign-up. Visit Henrico County’s main webpage for more information. http://www.henricoschools.com

If you have questions, please contact Lesley Brown at 652-3766.

 If you are a Henrico County Public School eighth grader interested in applying to the IB Programs at Henrico and/or Tucker High Schools, please note that applying to both IB schools is no longer considered a ‘No Preference’ selection as the pop-up and other materials may convey.  Instead, the applications made to both sites will be evaluated independently by each school, and the applicant will receive a separate status response from each of them.  Should the student be accepted by both schools, the student will have the opportunity to select his/her preference.  If a student is accepted to one IB site but not the other, the status is non-transferable. 

Notification of acceptance will be online via the application portal on Friday, March 9, 2018 at 4:30. Students will be designated “Selected,” “Not Selected,” or “Wait-listed.” Students may choose to accept ONE school and remain on ONE wait-list.  The deadline for these commitments, which must be done online, is Friday, March 23.  Private school students may mail or email their paper intent form.  Students on wait-lists have until March 30 to accept an offer from a wait-list.
On Friday, March 9, accepted students will receive an email from JRT with the acceptance packet of information attached: acceptance commitment form and a course schedule request form.  All wait-list students will receive the wait-list commitment form. All accepted and wait-list students are also invited to a tour at J.R. Tucker High School to assist in their final decision making on (date is TBD).   Parents are encouraged to attend with their student.  Contact Mrs. Ellie Harper with any questions (804)967-2320 emharper@henrico.k12.va.us

INFO SESSIONS: Be sure to attend one of the four Center Info Sessions offered in September and October 2017: 9/28 Highland Springs HS, 10/3 Freeman HS, 10/10 Glen Allen HS, 10/18 Hermitage HS.  The sessions will explain the application process and provide a greater understanding of the programs offered in Henrico County.  All programs begin at 7pm in the Auditorium.

In case you missed us at the Info Sessions here are the documents and PowerPoint shared:  General IB Info 2017  IB at JRT info 2017  PPT 2017

OPEN HOUSE: Join IB students and faculty on Thursday, November 2, 2017 at 7pm in the Tucker Auditorium for the IB Open House.  Come learn why IB is the right fit for you!

SHADOWING: IB 8th graders at FMS, TMS, and MMS have the opportunity to visit Tucker HS to shadow an IB 9th grader.  Sign up with your coordinator to take part. First come, first served!

In addition to shadowing, the IB Program at Tucker offers a guided tour of our campus for parents and students.  You will meet the IB Coordinator, the JRT Principal, IB counselor, and visit the campus led by IB students.  This opportunity is extended to selected students in the month of March.  More details to come in acceptance letters.

To learn more about the IB Program, visit–

IBO website

IB Parent Page

DP Testimonials