Basic Directions for Posting on our Blog

Your posts may entail:

– A form of multi-media: a digital image, hyperlink to web resource, hyperlink to YouTube video, a Vimeo video, sound bite, graph, podcast, or more.

– A well-written, analytic response to a discussion question.

– A response to a warm-up question or closing- activity question.

– A reply to a classmate’s post

Your written responses should follow all English class expectations:

  • Complete sentences.
  • Correct grammar/usage/mechanics.

Some posts will be checked for completion and others will be graded as a writing assignment.  During class, you will have the opportunity to respond to your classmates’ posts using the commenting function.

Tips for posting to our class blog:

– Type your response in a Word document first. Proofread for grammar and use spell check. Save this Word document!

– Then, post your response to the blog using copy and paste tools.

– Remember, this is a public site. Do not post your full name or other personal information. Along the same lines, post your best work! You’re representing our class and school 🙂