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SIG- Summer Institute for the Gifted

SIG offers gifted, creative, and academically talented students a wide variety of courses: Multi- week and day programs available.

U.V.A. Saturday and Summer Enrichment Program

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The Saturday Program is offered every winter, on 5 consecutive Saturday mornings in January and February. This program offers academic enrichment classes for students in grades Kindergarten through grade 5. Learn more about the program.Dates for the program in 2018 are:

Saturday, January 20 through Saturday, February 17, 2018 (reserving Saturday, February 24 as a snow date in case one of the other days is closed because of inclement weather.)

Applications to the Saturday Program will be available on October 15, 2017, and will be due December 1, 2017


The dates for the 2018 season are:

Session 1: June 17 – June 28, 2018
Session 2: July 1 – July 12, 2018
Session 3: July 15 – July 26, 2018

Applications to the Summer Program will be available on December 15, 2017, and will be due February 15, 2018.

Please call or email us with any questions at or 434-924-3182.



Sept./ Oct. Update

Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fail. 


Grade 1– Students are beginning to understand how mistakes help us learn, and that is okay to make mistakes.  We are also discussing the benefits of having a growth mindset and  strategies to use when mistakes happen.  Students will demonstrate how we can turn “I can’t” statements into “I can’t yet!” statements.  Students will conclude the unit with a STEM team building challenge, that will definitely be full of mistakes!

Grade 2-  Students will take a learning style inventory to discover the best strategies to use when studying. Next, we will examine the parts/ functions of the most important organ in our body: the brain.  Students will become neurons and realize that making mistakes is one of the best ways your brain learns and grows. The unit will conclude with a STEM team building challenge.

Grade 3- Students are creating a flap book designed to showcase if they are left/right brained, their strengths in different areas of intelligence, and their best learning style(s).  We will then discuss the importance of making mistakes, and how sometimes failures can turn out to be better than the intended goal.  The unit will conclude with a STEM team building challenge.