Wow! I can’t believe it is already mid-March! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Read below to hear about our week! Thank you for your constant support!

Reading: We continued to look at cause and effect. We also learned about a new summarizing strategy called the two-word strategy where students listed two words that gave the best summary of that paragraph. Then, when they were done with the passage. they used the two words in the margin of each paragraph to retell what the passage was about. We just started this but they did an awesome job.
English: We continued to look at prepositions and prepositional phrases. Students LOVE this song. Feel free to listen at home. You can also check out the BRAINPOP video to help reinforce.
VA Studies: In Virginia Studies, we continued to learn about important battles and leaders of the Civil War. To help us dig a little deeper, groups picked an event from the war that they wanted to learn more about. These events included:

  • The first Battle of Bull Run (or Manassas) was the first major clash of the Civil War. Confederate General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson played a major role in this battle.
  • General Robert E. Lee, Commander of the Army of Northern Virginia, defeated Union troops at Fredericksburg, Virginia.
  •  Richmond was the capital of the Confederacy. It fell to General Ulysses S. Grant and was burned by the Confederacy near the end of the war. Fires were set by retreating Confederate forces to keep war supplies from approaching Union forces.
  • President Abraham Lincoln used the Union navy to blockade southern ports. An important sea battle between the Monitor (Union) and the Merrimack (Confederate), two iron-clad ships, took place in Virginia waters near Norfolk and Hampton. The battle was fought to a draw.
  • The Civil War ended at Appomattox Court House, Virginia, where Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrendered his army to Union General Ulysses S. Grant in April, 1865.

YOU CAN LEARN MORE (and study) HERE! We will have a quiz on Thursday March 21st.

Reading: We wrapped up our unit on figurative language. Students finished up their figurative language comic strips in which they had to include an example of each type of figurative language that we studied. See rubric for this project below!

Writing:  Students continued working on revising and editing their work. We discussed the importance of revising your work to make it stronger versus editing your work to make it look better. For the remainder of the semester we will continue drafting and revising/editing our writing to make it the best it can be.
Social Studies: We began our unit on the Midwest region of the United States. We explored the states and capitals of the region as well as the climate, natural resources, and economic activities. Don’t forget projects are due Tuesday March 26!! Study states and capitals each night for quiz on March 27!

4th Reading: Making Inferences
4th Writing: Opinion Writing
4th VA Studies: Wrapping up Civil War, Starting Reconstruction

5th Reading: Cause and Effect
5th Writing: Editing and Revising; Opinion writing
5th SS: Midwest– projects due March 26th!!

  • Parents are asked to submit their opinions on the 2019 Henrico Schools Survey at https://henricoschools.us/surveys/ between March 11-29.  Fifth graders will also complete this survey at school unless you returned an opt-out form.
  • MobyMax March Madness: All Trevvett students are challenged to focus on math fact fluency in the month of March!  Fifth graders are tasked with mastering multiplication and division facts through 12 by the end of March. Students that earn 100% mastery in MobyMax OR practice for 1 hour a week in MobyMax will get the chance to decorate a rock garden to beautify our school grounds! Click here to see the flyer sent home last week.
  • Camp Innovation: Check out this flyer for details about Camp Innovation summer offerings at the Math Science Innovation Center!
  • To Order Field Day shirts, click here. 4th grade will be wearing orange.


  • Reading Formative Assessment (5th): Tuesday March 19!
  • VS7 CIVIL WAR Unit Test: Thursday, March 21st
  • Reading Formative Assessment (4th): Friday, March 22nd
  • 5th Grade Midwest State Projects due Tuesday March 26
  • 5th Grade Midwest States and Capitals quiz Wednesday March 27
  • Career Day Wednesday March 27 (8 am -10 am)
  • Field Trip to the James River Experience Wednesday March 27 (10 am – 5 pm)
  • 3rd Quarter Paw Achievement Party – Thursday, March 28th
  • 3rd Quarter Ends – Friday, March 29th
  • Student Half Day: Release at 11:00 AM – March 29th********
  • Spring Break – Saturday, March 30th to Sunday, April 7th (Students return to school on Monday, April 8th)


BRR! We have a chilly week! We have had indoor recess every day this week. If anyone has any extra games laying around that they would like to bring in to use for recess we will happily return them when the warm weather arrives for good! 🙂

This week in reading fourth grade focused on CAUSE AND EFFECT! It really is awesome to see students apply these skills to any text as we read a wide range this week– from oil spills to Nat Turner’s Rebellion. In English, we wrapped up some cause and effect writing with fire safety brochures. We continued our study of the civil war by wrapping up the causes and learning about important leaders. Don’t forget about VS7 homework each night. Extra copies can be found on the board.

Fifth grade continued our study of figurative language. We focused on personification, onomatopoeia, and idioms. We continued working on our figurative language comics and are wrapping up our summative google slide presentations where students will show what they know by explaining each type of figurative language and giving five examples! We made sure to pay special attention to figurative language during our read aloud, Restart! They were so surprised by how often figurative language was included. In social studies we wrapped up our unit on the northeast and introduced the Midwest. Project directions came home on Thursday. PROJECTS DUE MARCH 26!!

Reading: Cause and Effect
English: opinion writing
VA Studies: leaders and battles of the civil war. Look for a study guide to come home next week!

Reading: Figurative Language
English: editing and revising
SS: Midwest


  • Tuesday March 26– 5th Grade SS projects due
  • Wednesday March 27th (8am-10am) CAREER DAY!
  • Wednesday March 27th (10 am – 5 pm) James River Watershed Experience Field Trip: Permission Slip and Money ($23) due by 3/15
  • 3rd Quarter Paw Achievement Party – Thursday, March 28th
  • Friday, March 29th– 3rd Quarter Ends – Student Half Day: Release at 11:00 AM
  • Spring Break – Saturday, March 30th to Sunday, April 7th (Students return to school on Monday, April 8th)
  • Click here for more information at MSiC Camp Innovation!
  • MobyMax March Madness: All Trevvett students are challenged to focus on math fact fluency in the month of March!  Fifth graders are tasked with mastering multiplication and division facts through 12 by the end of March. Students that earn 100% mastery in MobyMax OR practice for 1 hour a week in MobyMax will get the chance to decorate a rock garden to beautify our school grounds! Click here to see the flyer sent home today.
  • Career Day: Ms. Bushey is seeking presenters for Career Day on March 27th. Click here for the flyer and contact Ms. Bushey if you are interested.




WOW! It is already March?! Where has the time gone! We had a super productive week, and we managed to have a lot of fun! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR TREMENDOUS EFFORT IN HELPING STUDENTS PREPARE FOR THE AFRICAN AMERICAN LIVING HISTORY MUSEUM. I loved seeing students proud of their work and really enjoyed the opportunity they had to show off. Students went above and beyond to memorize their speeches and their hard work paid off. I heard numerous compliments from teachers and students around the school. Please check our our instagram for pictures (@msfourthandfifth). Again, THANK YOU!

Reading: We continued to look at cause and effect. We looked at some fiction and nonfiction text. We also worked to identify ways that cause and effect could be identified in ANY text– not just texts specifically selected for this purpose. Ask your students what they learned about ANCIENT EGYPTIANS during our cause and effect study.
Writing: In writing, we continued to focus on prepositions. Students are incorporating prepositions into writing and are able to identify them when needed. We used our mentor sentence to sharpen our skills and will continue to identify and use these for the remainder of the year.
VA Studies: We started learning about VS7 THE CIVIL WAR!! Students learned about the causes of the Civil War like Nat Turners Rebellion, John Brown’s Raid on Harper’s Ferry, the differences in the North and the South, and much more! We wrapped up our week with an awesome trip to the Virginia Museum of History and Culture where we did a little review of what we learned and preview of what is to come with the Civil War. The field trip was AWESOME and I want to thank our awesome chaperones for all of their help again!

Reading: We continued our study of figurative language. We are slowly introducing each. This week we wrapped up similes, metaphors, hyperbole, and alliteration. Students made an alliteration alphabet book where each student was assigned a letter and we made a book of alliteration. I am so proud of their work (and some of it is quite clever)!
Writing: In writing, we focused on our 100th day of school writing and our alliteration book. Next week we will take a closer look at editing and revising and how they are different! We are also making a google slides presentation that grows as we learn. As we learn about a new type of figurative language, we add a slide and 5 examples of that type. Students will present when we are done next week!

SS: In social studies, we are wrapping up our study of the Northeast with some final review and final collage projects. Students worked so hard on these that they needed AN EXTRA WEEK! This is NOT because they were slow or unfocused– they just really gave them their all. I will post final products on Instagram for all to enjoy and make sure they get sent home once graded.

Next Week:

READING 4: Cause and Effect in fiction and nonfiction text
WRITING 4: Prepositions, Cause and Effect, Fire Safety Brochures
VA STUDIES 4: VS7 Causes and Battles of the Civil War

READING 5: Figurative Language
WRITING 5: Figurative Language comic strips (with a focus on editing and revising)
SS 5: Wrap up the NORTHEAST and move on to the MIDWEST!


This post will be a little backwards this week… we have some really important things coming up NEXT WEEK so want to make sure they are seen first on this post in case anyone has any questions!


African American Living History Museum week is among us for fourth grade!!! We’ve worked hard to prepare our speeches and will now have two opportunities to share. Students who can attend (optional) are invited to join us on Tuesday night for the PTO meeting and present their projects there. This means costume if you have one and you will share your speech! This starts at 6 pm. We will also display their posters if they would like to.

We will do the same on Thursday the 28th during the school day from 8-10! Families are invited to join them if they would like (totally optional if you did not get a chance to come during the PTO meeting and would like to see us in action)! More announcements will come out via remind to remind you of events. Feel free to ask any questions!

Fourth grade also has a FIELD TRIP on Friday to the Virginia Museum of Culture and History. This field trip is FREE– students only had to return a signed permission slip. We are in need of a parent chaperone if anyone is interested in joining us! We will be gone from 9 until around 12:30. Students will eat lunch at school when we return so they can bring their lunch or pick up lunch from the cafeteria when we get back!



THIS WEEK: In fourth grade we started discussing cause and effect relationships in reading. In Writing, students continued to reviewed prepositions and prepositional phrases this week. Prepositions are words that link nouns and phrases in sentences. We also celebrated the 100th day of school by writing about what we thought the world would be like in 100 years or what we want our lives to have been like by the time we are 100. This writing will be on display in the hall starting next week if you have time to check it out! In VA Studies, we wrapped up our study of VS6 A New Nation. We learned about George Washington, James Madison, George Mason, and Thomas Jefferson and the impact they had on Virginia’s history and the history of the United States.

NEXT WEEK In VA Studies we will move on to VS7– The Civil War! Students will learn about the disagreements between the north (Union) and the south (Confederacy). Also, students will learn about the events that led up to the Civil War & the people involved with these events. Our class will have a discussion about how West Virginia was created, too! Here is the VS-7 Study Guide to review and study.


THIS WEEK: We continue our study of the Northeast and wrapped up our week with a northeast states and capitals quiz. Students also continued working on their collage projects. They have been working SO HARD on these and I am so proud of their work. They really had to become experts on a state to represent the most important parts of their history and culture in the collage. This also allowed their creativity to shine. In English, we focused on quotation marks. Students wrote scripts, filmed, produced, and edited silent movies that used quotation marks to explain the plot. THESE WERE AMAZING, and the kids loved getting to watch each other’s movies on Friday!

NEXT WEEK: In reading we will continue to look at figurative language! Last week we covered similes, metaphors, and hyperbole. We will continue looking at these while also adding others like alliteration and onomatopoeia! In SS we will wrap up our study of the northeast. A study guide for a brief quiz will come home on Monday!


  • Panther Prowl: Hermitage HS is hosting a Panther Prowl (5K/Fun Run) on March 23rd.  Flyers were sent home this week. Click here for the flyer.
  • Career Day: Ms. Bushey is seeking presenters for Career Day on March 27th. Click here for the flyer and her if you are interested.
  • Tuesday February 26 @ 6 PM — PTO Meeting where fourth grade students are invited to share AAA Wax Museum in costume
  • Thursday February 28 8-10 AM– Fourth Grade School Wide Wax Museum; students share projects in costume
  • Friday March 1 — Field Trip to Virginia Museum of History and Culture

February 11-15

HAPPY VALENTINES WEEK! It was so fun to celebrate yesterday. Thank you for all of your donations to make our party great! Additionally, thank you for the sweet cards and treats for me! They were so thoughtful and really made my day. I am so lucky to have such a sweet bunch!!

FOURTH: We spent our time really digging in to the characters thoughts and actions in a story called “Dad’s New Job”. We also took some time to discuss THEME! Theme is the lesson, message, or moral a story teaches you. We find a theme in most fiction texts. We will definitely continue to work on this moving forward. In ELA we learned about PREPOSITIONS. Students realized they were already using prepositions ALL THE TIME! We will fine-tune these skills in the upcoming weeks and continue to work on a project in class next week.

FIFTH: Fifth grade continued our study of QUOTATION MARKS in ELA! Students used a story board to create a story that they then turned into a silent movie. We used the silent movies to show how the characters in their movie speak. In Social Studies, we continued our study of the Northeast! Please review states and capitals of these states each night for homework as we will have  a quiz next week! We started an in-class project where students picked a state in the Northeast and are creating a collage as a state expert. They will draw the state bird, flower, slogan, capital, etc. I really love this project because it gives student’s creativity a chance to shine! 🙂 We will continue to work on these next week.

————————-NEXT WEEK——————————

ELA: Prepositions
Reading: Story Elements, Theme, Character Analysis
VA Studies: A New Nation (VS6) Quiz on Friday Feb 22.

Quotation Marks
Story Elements, Theme, Character Analysis
VA Studies:
Continue learning about Northeast Region (natural resources, climate)— States and Capitals quiz Friday Feb 22




  • Benchmark Celebrations – Monday, February  18th
  • VA Studies VS6 Quiz for 4th/ Northeast States Capitals quiz 5th: Friday February 22
  • African American Achiever posters and essays due (no costumes) February 20th
  • PTO Performance presentation of African American Achiever projects in costume- February 26th at 6 pm (optional but encouraged)
  • SCHOOL PRESENTATION of African American Achiever projects in costume– February 28th



HOORAY! Benchmark testing is over and our class did AMAZING! I am so proud of their hard work. As ONE reward (for everyone passing READING!) we are going to have a have a BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE celebration. Kids will have the opportunity to use classroom Chromebooks or electronic devices from home for free play!! Students may bring tablets, MP3 players, or video game devices. Students are expected to limit their content to school-appropriate websites, videos, or games. SORRY, NO CELL PHONES ARE PERMITTED. Thank you! More information about this date and permission slips will come home next week!

Thank you for those parents who signed up for spring conferences. It was really great for Ms. Poland and I to get to check in with each of you and discuss the successes of our students. We are so proud of the work they are putting in and it is always exciting to share that. If you did not schedule a conference, we are sending home conference forms with each student on MONDAY with report cards! This will give you the opportunity to see the same updates. Please reach out if you have any questions or want to set up a time to discuss! 

  • Fourth grade worked really hard this week taking BENCHMARK math on Tuesday and Wednesday and VIRGINIA STUDIES on Friday! They did an incredible job and we feel confident moving into quarter three that we are in a really good place
  • Fifth grade took their READING BENCHMARK and really blew me away. I am so proud of their focus. We had two students even get a PERFECT SCORE! Way to go Makayla and Daniel! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Fourth will get back into our normal routine by kicking off VS6 A New Nation where we look important Virginians and their involvement in the establishment of the new government. In ELA, we are going to be learning about prepositions and during reading we will focus on story elements. This means we will start analyzing the parts of a plot, character development, conflict, etc.

  • Fifth grade will focus on drawing conclusions and making inferences as well as quotation marks. We will start projects where students create silent movies and have to include the dialogue to explain the plot. In social studies we will dive into our study of the northeast by talking about the climate, natural resources, and economy. Students should be studying the states and capitals in the northeast each night! We will most likely take this quiz the week of the 18th but stay tuned for an exact date!



  • Young Scientist Lesson – Monday, February 11th
  • 2nd Quarter Report Cards sent home – Monday, February 11th
  • Classroom Awards Assembly – Monday, February 11th
  • Valentine’s Day Exchange – Thursday, February 14th (see class list below!)
  • Benchmark Celebrations – Monday, February  18th
  • African American Achiever posters and essays due (no costumes) February 20th
  • PTO Performance presentation of African American Achiever projects in costume- February 26th at 6 pm (optional but encouraged)
  • SCHOOL PRESENTATION of African American Achciever projects in costume– February 28thVISIT MS. POLANDS BLOG FOR AN UPDATE ABOUT SCIENCE AND MATH!

African American Achiever Project

Hello! I know there was some confusion about projects so wanted to clarify!
If there are any additional questions please feel free to reach out so I can answer for everyone!

EVERYONE will turn in projects (posters/essays) on WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 20th! Originally, projects were staggered to limit presentations on a single day; however, I don’t think it is fair that some students projects are due earlier than others. SO if this due date is a problem please let me know!! 🙂 

Costumes are NOT required for classroom presentations. While this would be an added bonus, the goal of classroom presentations will be to share information learned and the poster they completed. The poster should include pictures and basic information about their achiever (birth, death, why we remember them, famous quotes, etc).

The GOAL is to have children dress up another day (all on the same day) to share in a museum style walk around (see this video for example) at school but this date is TBD by the librarian and additionally, for those who can participate, they would love for students to dress up and share at the PTO meeting on February 26 at 6 pm!!!

At events where students dress up, they would have a button in front of them that people would walk up and “push” and they will “come to life” and explain a little bit about themselves. This speech should be less than one minute!

I have asked the librarian about the date of the school presentation in which we would all present and will share as soon as I know. Students will all participate whether they are dressed up or not. They will be responsible for sharing information about their achiever.


Please let me know if any of this needs additional clarification. I KNOW IT IS A LOT! I apologize. 🙂 Thank you for the support!!


We have had a really great week reviewing all of the skills we have learned so far this year. It is nice to take this mid-year refresher to make sure students have really learned that information and can apply it in different scenarios. We also got to celebrate great behavior with PAW ACHIEVEMENT THIS WEEK! See instagram for more pictures!! @msfourthandfifth

In reading, we have worked on reading different types of texts and using our strategies to find the right answers. We wrapped up our summative assessment this week and I am so proud of how well everyone in fourth and fifth grade did! We also spent some time talking about the impact of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and what things we can make sure we are doing to honor him and his dream, not only on MLK Jr. Day, but every day throughout the year. We read “My Brother Martin” which was written by his sister. She pointed out that he was a totally normal kid who made mistakes and had fun, and he went on to make a huge difference. It was nice for students to be able to connect with him in this way and realize that they, too, can make a difference! 🙂

In VA studies we are reviewing EVERYTHING we have learned so far– which is no small feat! Next week look for some review homework to help keep things fresh and remind students of the tips and tricks we have learned for each topic (ie: MILK WITH KETCHUP TASTES NASTY, PLEASE REMEMBER YOUR JACKET). Next week we will continue reviewing Jamestown, Native American groups, the formation of the General Assembly, problems the settlers experienced, etc!! There is a great review for students on SOL PASS! Students can click on each standard and watch videos and play games to review. We have also been creating a review folder full of helpful information and test prep questions. Look for that folder to grow more next week! Study each night! 🙂

In SS with 5th grade we finally wrapped up the southeast!! We will move on to a new region next week after presenting our cumulative state projects. Each student selected a state to research and identify information we have learned about the five themes of geography (ex: how humans have modified the environment, adapted to the environment, and depend on the environment OR physical versus human characteristics of their state). This proved tricky for kids to think specifically about their state. For example, while students could tell me that trees and mountains were physical characteristics of their state, I pressed them to identify SPECIFIC MOUNTAINS or national parks in that state so that it was unique to their presentation. They really rose to the occasion and created some beautiful work. We will truly learn a lot about each of the states in the southeast!

Next week we will continue to review for BENCHMARKS!!
Please see schedule information below!
Enjoy your weekend!

January 28- No School for students
January 31 & February 1- 4th Grade Reading Benchmark/5th Grade Math Benchmark
February 5 & 6- Reading Benchmark 5th grade/Math benchmark 4th grade
February 7- Family Life lesson
February 8- VA Studies Benchmark for 4th grade/Science Benchmark 5th grade
*African American Achiever Project (4th grade)– more details this week- due mid-February!


Another snow day! 

While we had a short week we sure did get a lot done. I’m more proud of our students than ever as we approach benchmark testing I’m confident they’ll do well! We’re reviewing our reading strategies in both fourth and fifth and making sure we know how to apply them.

In Virginia Studies, we are exploring the American Revolution as well as reviewing our other SOLs! Look for a study guide to come home next week to review at home!

January 28- No School for students
January 31 & February 1- 4th Grade Reading Benchmark/5th Grade Math Benchmark
February 5 & 6- Reading Benchmark 5th grade/Math benchmark 4th grade
February 7- Family Life lesson
February 8- VA Studies Benchmark for 4th grade/Science Benchmark 5th grade
*African American Achiever Project (4th grade)– more details this week- due mid-February!

1/7-1/11 see IMPORTANT DATES for testing info!

HOORAY! We made it through a full week!!! It has been a long time since that happened.

Thank you for your patience in lack of weekly behavior communicators. With the short snow week, winter party week, and our short week after return– this is the first week behavior communicators have come home in a while! Please know that this is our doing, not the kids! If you happen to have that behavior communicator at home from the last time it came home, please send it in on Monday. Students NEED this behavior communicator to earn access to the PAW Behavior Incentive Party on January 25th! This is their proof that they are responsible for their materials and that they have had an awesome quarter! Our PAW Achievement party is going to be a fun one! Look for more details next week!

In Reading,  students learned about reading strategies that readers can use to help better understand a story. Our class read a few poems and non-fiction passages. We learned a lot about poetry including important vocabulary (stanza, line, rhyme, rhyme scheme, alliteration) and how poetry is different than normal writing (prose). We looked at some poems and analyzed what they were about using some new strategies we discussed. We broke the poem down into stanzas and summarized what each part was about. We talked about how this helps us summarize the entire thing. Try this strategy next time you are reading at home.

In Virginia Studies we wrapped up VS4 where students focused on slavery, agriculture, how culture reflects origins and affects things, why the capital moved from Jamestown to Williamsburg before finally landing in Richmond and the economy in the colonies! We also focused on what everyday life in the colony was like. We started our new unit this week which will bring us up to the causes leading up to the American Revolution!

We spent this week reviewing the importance of understanding author’s choices when reading. Authors must make many decisions when creating a piece of writing, including why to write (purpose), what to include (elements), what to write (form and genre), and how to say it (word choice). We analyzed characters in stories that we read and how their thoughts, actions, and dialogue help us to understand them as a whole.

In social studies we continued our study of the southeast. During writing, we are incorporating this focus by writing a narrative story that takes place in a major city in the southeast. Students have to use details from their research to describe the setting and help their story come to life with vivid details about where they are and what they are doing. We are also going to wrap up by completing projects about each state.

4th Reading: We will continue looking at nonfiction text and focus on comprehension strategies and how students can monitor their comprehension when reading. Our class will read various  texts to make connections and check their comprehension.
4th VA Studies:
We will continue our study of the causes of the American Revolution by focusing on all those TAXES King George imposed on the colonists. The students will really start to understand why the colonists shouted, “NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION”. We will take a look at major players in the American Revolution and major battles!! Click here for  VS-5 – the study guide to preview/review/study the information.
****Please be aware that Biography Bottle Buddy projects came home last week!! These are due JANUARY 24th! We will also be sending home information for a African American Achievers project that will be due in February. We want to make sure that students have enough time to prepare!

5th Reading: Cumulative review and reading summative
5th SS: Southeast partner writing and independent projects

January 18- Reading Summative PowerTest
January 21- No School: Martin Luther King Jr. Day
January 24- Biography Bottle Buddy Project due (4th grade)!!
January 25- PAW Achievement Party
January 28- No School for students
January 31 & February 1- 4th Grade Reading Benchmark/5th Grade Math Benchmark
February 5 & 6- Reading Benchmark 5th grade/Math benchmark 4th grade
February 7- Family Life lesson rescheduled
February 8- VA Studies Benchmark for 4th grade/Science Benchmark 5th grade
*African American Achiever Project (4th grade)– more details this week- due mid-February!