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Math Story Problem


Create a story problem for your classmates to solve.  Be sure to give the important information that is necessary to answer the question.  Your question needs to be specific to the information given, you may use a table of information if you wish.  Remember to use complete sentences.

Your story problem can use addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division (or a combination of two).  The numbers may be whole numbers or decimals.  Think about the variety of numbers and problems we have been working on in class.

Your story problems are to be submitted by Friday, November 14.


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Oct. 1 Homework: Properties of Addition


Today we learned and reviewed three properties of addition.  Describe each property using complete sentences and give an example with numbers.

Identity Property, Commutative Property, Associative Property

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Week of Sept. 22-26


NWEA: MAP testing begins Monday, Sept. 22.  The math test will be on Monday, then continue with reading on Tuesday!  On Tuesday, Mrs. Toy and Mrs. Gonzalez will work collaboratively on problem solving activities with the math groups.

There will be NO HOMEWORK on Monday.  Homework will be given Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Thursday, Sept. 25 is a half day – dismissal begins at 11:05.

It was great to meet many of you at Back to School Night last week, please be sure to send me an email when you have any questions.


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Blogging Etiquette


News to know before you post … All students should practice good writing skills while blogging, keeping in mind spelling, punctuation, and grammar.  Please use proper word choices, remember, we’re writing, not “talking”!  Also, students should reply thoughtfully with 5-6 sentences per comment.  Remember to keep your comments appropriate and relevant! Class expectations apply to the blog as well!

Only comments that adhere to the above will be considered for approval.  Happy blogging!

How to post a reply (for students):

Name: first name and last initial only -Edward G (example) Students: Last names should not be used.

Email: first (  Students: Valid email addresses should not be used.

Happy Blogging!

Mrs. Gonzalez

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Decimals are everywhere …  Where have you seen decimals and how were they being used?

Write about at least 3 different places you see decimals.  Be sure to read the entry on the homepage about blogging etiquette.

Welcome Back to School


Welcome back to a new year!  I am excited to join the TES team as resource teacher.
Thank you for the warm welcome.  I look forward to working with your children and you during this school year. We will have many superheros of learning!

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