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I thought this was a great resource to help with entitlement. These tips can change behavior

Technology and kids

I thought this article was very interesting and gave some insight on how our interactions with AI can shape our children.

Red Ribbon Week

Next week is Red Ribbon Week!  Please remember to wear:

RED on Monday to remind us to respect ourselves and others

MIX-MATCH SOCKS on Tuesday to remind us to mix-it-up at lunch

ORANGE on Wednesday to celebrate Unity Day and to show that promote kindness, acceptance, and inclusion.

We would love you to continue our Red Ribbon Week conversations at home. Here are some conversation starters for you to use at home:

Monday (wear red)– Ask your child how they show respect at school? Home? For themselves? For others?

Tuesday (wear mix-match socks) – Did you make a new friend at lunch today? What are some ways we can include others?

Wednesday (wear orange)– What can you do if you see bullying at school?  Who are the trusted adults with whom you can speak at school and at home?

Thursday – What are the ways we can make healthy choices with our bodies? What are things we should do? What are things we should avoid?

Great resource for parents

This publication of Tid-Bits by the CHOR is a great resource.  I especially like the article called, “Childhood friendships foster fun and good mental health” and the article titled “Is your teen getting their eight hours?”.  Enjoy!

Give your kids a hug!

Bullying Prevention Month

October is National Bullying Prevention Month!   A way students can check to see if what happened is truly bullying, is by asking themselves these questions:


Parents, check out these two websites for some resources on bullying:

Also, mark your calendars – we wear ORANGE on 10/25 to show that we are together against bullying and that we are united for kindness, acceptance and inclusion!