Supporting Your Child’s Reading Development

I enjoyed meeting with many of you on Monday and Tuesday. Below are some additional resources you might find helpful in supporting your child’s reading development in first grade.

21 Questions to Ask Your Child
Book Talks
Books by Reading Level

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Oct. 15-19

Fall has definitely made it’s appearance here in Richmond this weekend! This week is success week with lots of fun dress-up days planned. Check out this week’s newsletter for more information.

Students will also be receiving their first Scholastic Book Order. This is a great way to support your child’s reading development at home and also helps to build our classroom library at school. Use code: HQKLP at

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Oct. 8-12

I hope everyone is enjoying the long Columbus Day weekend! Here is a copy of this week’s newsletter. Hope to see many of you at Trunk or Treat this Friday from 6-8.

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Mystery Reader

Here is the link for Mystery Reader sign ups for this year. I will send out an e-mail announcing when new dates are added. Thanks for volunteering to enrich our love of reading this year!

Mystery Reader Sign-Ups

Hint: You must “check” the slot you want to sign up for, then at the bottom of the screen click “Submit and Sign Up”. Then you will need to fill in your name, and finally click “Sign Up Now”.

**If you can no longer fulfill your spot, please e-mail me so we can open your slot for another parent.**

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Oct. 1-5

Wow! I can’t believe October is here already! We’ve got a busy month with the start of HomeFun, picture day, PTA’s Trunk-or-Treat, and our Meet Your Teacher at Gayton Library night. Be sure to pay attention to our class’s “Latest Buzz” for these important dates.

This week’s newsletter can be found here.

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Helping Our Community

We had a great time last week learning all about how we can help our school and local community. We helped the school by returning recess equipment that was left out on the playground, cleaning up litter, and writing a letter to Dr. Slaughter about having a trashcan placed in the Secret Garden. We took a trip to Short Pump Park and even got to see a community volunteer in action. Ms. Betty from the Master Gardeners shared with us how the garden at Short Pump Park was donated by her organization and volunteers help tend the community garden. We also saw the Little Free Library that was donated by a family in our community last summer. We enjoyed borrowing a book to read while we were outside and donated a new book to the library. How else can you and your family help our community?


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Sept. 24-28

Wow! I can’t believe the last week of September is here already. The first few weeks of school sure have flown by. This Friday, your child will be bringing home his/her HomeFun notebook. As a reminder, your child is expected to complete 1 math AND 1 language arts activity a week. The reading log should also be filled in for the week. Please see the HomeFun page for an example and more tidbits. **You are not required to do any work over the weekend, as notebooks are not due until Friday, Oct. 5th. I just like to send the HomeFun notebooks home so that you have the option to work over the weekend as I know week nights can be busy.**

This week’s newsletter can be found here.

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Shapes All Around!

We had a great time going on a Shape Hunt around the school this week. Can you find any shapes around your house?

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Sept. 27-21

I hope everyone enjoyed the 3 day weekend! This week we will begin a unit on Diversity as we embrace all the unique differences of our classmates and people in our community and discuss how we use those wonderful differences to share and grow as a united Virginia community.  If you are interested in speaking with the class about your culture, please see the e-mail that was sent out with more information regarding this.

This week’s newsletter can be found here.

Below is a message from our PTA:
Safety continues to be Short Pump ES’s number 1 priority, and this year, we hope that you can support us in this effort as well. Please consider donating to the Stinger Fund, which is comprised of direct donations to support instruction and this year safety, as well. We need to raise over at least $15,000 collectively to reach our goal. If each family in your child’s class donates at least $25, it will cover instructional materials for their classroom that the PTA financially provides each year and allows your child’s teacher to have a walkie talkie, an enhanced security measure. Thank you for consideration!

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Sept. 10-14

We had a great first week of school getting to know one another and learning our classroom and school expectations. This week we will begin our Clip Behavior System. Our goal this year is to be a ROCK STAR everyday! If there happen to be instances where a student is not being Responsible, showing Ownership, being Considerate, or being Kind, they will clip down to yellow, which means “break”. If poor choices continue, clips will be moved to red, which means “Show Over”. If your child comes home with a yellow or red on their behavior calendar, there should be a corresponding letter of R.O.C.K. to help remind them (and show parents at home) where behavior choices could be better the next day. Please discuss with your child the reasoning for their color for the day, and initial the little square daily. More about this behavior system will be explained at Back to School Night next Thursday, Sept. 20th. **Please note that this is a tool to help improve behavior choices and learn from mistakes. If there is a huge behavior concern, I will contact you directly. Thanks for your support and encouragement of positive behavior every day!**

Here is a copy of this week’s newsletter.

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