Dec 10-14, 2018

It’s a winter wonderland! I hope everyone is enjoying their snow days:) There will be NO written homework this week, however the days off are a great opportunity to READ, READ, READ!
  • Interim grades will be sent home the next time we are in school. Please sign and return them the following day.
  • THANK YOU for those who have volunteered to donate materials or your time for the holiday celebration on Tuesday, December 18th! If you have volunteered your time, please be sure you have filled out a volunteer form for the 2018-2019 school year. Without this form, the office will not allow you to come to the classroom. Forms can be found here:
What we are learning this week:

Math: addition and subtraction +/- 10 strategy (3+10=13; 22-10=12)

Language Arts: Phonics/phonemic awareness (sounding out sounds within words)

 Sight words:  make, came, and over -be sure you are practicing how to spell, write and read these words!

Writing: Strong leads, bold beginnings and strong transitions in our writing

Science: Winter – seasonal changes and how they affect people, animals, and plants.

  • Tuesday, December 18th is our winter celebration from 12:00-1:00pm
  • Winter Break begins December 20th. School resumes January 3rd

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