Week of March 4th

Calendar Events

Wednesday 3/6  – Electricity Test

Wednesday 3/13 – author James Riley visit

Thursday 3/14 – Pamplin Park Field Trip

Friday 3/15 – Pi Day

Friday 3/22 – Spring Picture Day and Recorder Concert at 1:00 pm.  Keep Practicing

Friday 4/19 – Career Day – see note from Mrs. Shaia below




  • Geometry – this week we began our study of geometry with lines (rays, segments) that are perpendicular, parallel, and intersection.  We also discussed angles.  Next week we will will explore polygons and quadrilaterals.

Language Arts – 

  • Vocabulary – we will build vocabulary several ways.
    • Word of the Week:  Students are asked to use dynamic in written and spoken word.
    • Greek/Latin stems:  numbers centum (100), milli (1,000) annu (1 year).  There will be a quiz on all stems next Wednesday 3/13. 
    •  Fab Five words – quiz Wednesday: glower, beaming, dismantle, peculiar, swift.  No new words for next week.
    • Wordly Wise –  Lesson 13
  • Reading –
    • Skill – Cause and Effect

SCIENCE: 4.3 Electricity  Image result for light bulb

This unit concludes with a unit test scheduled Wednesday 3/6.

Virginia Studies – VS7 – Civil War

We have discussed the economic differences between the north and the south.  We will talk about famous abolitionists such as Nat Turner, Harriet Tubman, John Brown and Abraham Lincoln.  Next week we will discuss important military leaders and battles fought in Virginia.


Items of Interest

KES Career Festival, Sponsored by Karen Shaia, School Counselor
Calling all available workers to share their vast expertise from the World of Work!
DATE: Friday, 4/19  TIME: 8:00-10:45 AM
PLACE: KES Student Classrooms or Presentations in the Gym, or Work Vehicles in the Bus Loop
This year presenters will speak with students for 15 minutes during rotations and share materials and equipment they use on their jobs. Your role would be to help students understand the importance education plays in determining your career choice. Please consider being part of our Kaechele Career Day Festival.   If interested, then please sign up using this link Career Day 2019; http://goo.gl/forms/nQfxcMyFjA.  If you have any questions, then email Mrs. Shaia at khshaia@henrico.k12.va.us.