Week of February 18

Calendar Events

Monday 2/18 – is now a FULL day of school

Thursday 2/21 – Family Fun and Fitness Night

Friday 2/22 – Young Scientist Electricity Lab

Wednesday 2/27 – Field Trip forms and money are due

Thursday 3/14 – Pamplin Park Field Trip




  • Decimals -We will be adding and subtracting decimals this week and working with several decimal challenges
  • Test Tuesday, 2/26

Language Arts – 

  • Vocabulary – we will build vocabulary several ways.
    • Word of the Week:  Students are asked to use thwart in written and spoken word.
    • Greek/Latin stems:  numbers 1-10
    •  Fab Five words – new list this week: belittle, flatter, wafted, notorious, perish -Test Friday 2/22
    • Wordly Wise –  none this week
  • Reading –
    • Skill – Author’s Purpose in fiction and poetry
    • Figurative Language
  • Writing –
    • Writing Original Poems.  Students have already written their own Color Poem, concrete Poem,  Haiku, and Cinquain.
    • Students are also researching and writing essays about a scientist who made significant contributions in the field of electricity.

SCIENCE: 4.3 Electricity  Image result for light bulb

Watts Up?! After an introduction on atoms, students learned that static electricity is the exchange of electrons from negatively charged objects.  We will be learning that electricity is produced from the moving of electrons through a closed circuit.    This unit includes  types of circuits and important scientists who worked with electricity (Franklin, Edison, Lattimer, and Faraday).

Young Scientists will turn our classroom into an electricity lab on Friday 2/22.

This unit concludes with a test on 3/1 on both Force & Motion 4.2 and Electricity 4.3.