Week of January 22

Calendar Events

Wednesday 1/23 – Reading Benchmark Part 1

Thursday 1/24 – Reading Benchmark Part 2

Wednesday 1/30 – Math Benchmark Part 1

Thursday 1/31 – Math Benchmark Part 2

Thursday 1/31 – International Festival – see details below

Friday 2/1 – World Read Aloud Day – read below for important information from Mrs. Patterson

Thursday 2/7 – Conferences

Monday 2/18 – is now a FULL day of school



  • Fractions – Students will be adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers with like and unlike denominators this week.

Language Arts – 

  • Vocabulary – we will build vocabulary several ways.
    • Word of the Week:  Students are asked to use motive  in written and spoken word.
    • Greek/Latin stems:  bracchium (arms)  and digitus (fingers)
    •  Fab Five words – quiz on week 8 words tomorrow 1/23. superior, inferior, retrieve, scamper, douse
    • No Wordly Wise this week
    • In class group Novel study presentations are due Friday
  • Reading –
    • Skill – Comprehension Strategies Review
  • Writing
    • Students will write responses to our read aloud novel:  My Brother Sam is Dead
    • Daily Dazzle


This week we will focus on four important documents and their authors: The Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom, The Virginia Declaration of Rights, The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.


Items of Interest

*****Please send a picture of your family reading for World Read Aloud Day***  see details below.  Thank you

World Read Aloud Day is Friday, February 1st.  KES coyotes will be making Global Connections Through Reading during an assembly on that day and then in their classrooms throughout the month of February.  To prepare for our assembly, I am asking each and every KES family to share ONE picture of your family reading together and send that picture to your child(ren)’s teacher.  The pictures will be used in a slide show that will be shared during our assembly. Our goal is to have every child in every classroom represented in the slide show.  Please help us showcase how much we love reading, and especially reading aloud, at KES!

SAVE THE DATE:  Thursday, January 31st; 5:30-7:00 PM, Kaechele’s Annual International Festival 
We are asking families to sponsor a “booth” to share their personal connections and/or interests in a country from around our globe.  Help our KES coyotes become Global Citizens and become active participants in a larger society by building global awareness and demonstrating respect for fellow community members.   If interested in hosting a booth or volunteering in some aspect during this event, then please contact Ramnita Sanduramnita_sandhu@yahoo.com or Parnita Singh parnitasingh123@gmail.com