Week of January 7th

Wednesday 1/23 – Reading Benchmark Part 1

Thursday 1/24 – Reading Benchmark Part 2

Wednesday 1/30 – Math Benchmark Part 1

Thursday 1/31 – Math Benchmark Part 2

Thursday 1/31 – International Festival – see details below

Monday 2/18 – is now a FULL day of school



  • Fractions – Students will be learning about equivalent fractions this week.  They will learn to simplify fractions using GCF or greatest common factor.   They will also be comparing fractions and ordering them on a number line.

Language Arts – 

  • Vocabulary – we will build vocabulary several ways.
    • Word of the Week:  Students are asked to use fabricate  in written and spoken word.
    • Greek/Latin stems:  corpus (body) caput (head) and dens (teeth)
    •  Fab Five words – quiz on week 8 words tomorrow.  inaccurate, meticulous, gorge, hover, scarce
    • Wordly Wise –  Lesson 10 – quiz on Friday
  • Reading –
    • Skill – Cause and Effect
    • Comprehension strategies – Cause and Effect using scholastic narrative non-fiction article about the Revolutionary War

VIRGINIA STUDIES – VS5 – Revolutionary War

This week we are learning about the causes of the Revolutionary War.  Students learned about the French  & Indian War, Proclamation of 1763, and taxes imposed to help pay for the war.  Later this week we will be discussing protests such as Boston Tea Party and the Boston Massacre.   By the end of the week, we will be discussing Virginia’s role in the Revolutionary War with contributions from Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington.


Items of Interest

SAVE THE DATE:  Thursday, January 31st; 5:30-7:00 PM, Kaechele’s Annual International Festival 
We are asking families to sponsor a “booth” to share their personal connections and/or interests in a country from around our globe.  Help our KES coyotes become Global Citizens and become active participants in a larger society by building global awareness and demonstrating respect for fellow community members.   If interested in hosting a booth or volunteering in some aspect during this event, then please contact Ramnita Sanduramnita_sandhu@yahoo.com or Parnita Singh parnitasingh123@gmail.com