Week of October 1st

Calendar Events

Friday 10/5 – Mr. Kaechele Day

Friday 10/5 – VS2 Virginia Regions Test

Friday 10/12 – Fall Festival

Friday  10/19 – Fall Pictures



  • 4.16 Equality and Properties of Addition – Students will learn about equality and inequalities.  They will understand an equal sign is like a balance scale and both sides of an equation have to be equal.  example: 5+15 = 5×4.  In addition they will review commutative property and learn associative properties of addition.  (25 + 55) + 33 = 25 + (55 + 33)
  • Enrichment – pre-Algebra with Hands On Equations

Language Arts – 

  • Vocabulary – we will build vocabulary several ways.
    • Word of the Week:  Students are asked to use ARDUOUS  in written and spoken word.
    • Wordly Wise Lesson 3 – quiz Friday 10/5
    • Greek/Latin stems with Phobos (fear) and Syn, Sym (with/together)
    •  Fab Five words that will include synonyms and antonyms study.  Students will use these 5 words in sentences:   Quiz on Thursday 10/4
  • Reading – Non-Fiction
    • Comprehension Strategies:  Non-fiction Text Features
    • Non-Fiction features
  • Writing –
    • Mentoring Sentences in which students dissect a well written sentence.
    • We introduced Wake Up Brain.  This is an editing program and we will alternate this with Daily Dazzle twice a month.
    • students will practice writing 2 paragraph essays.

Virginia Studies –

4.2 Regions – We finished this unit with the adaptations of American Indians to Virginia regions.  This unit concludes on Friday 10/5  with a unit test.

During this unit students will locate on a map the following: border states, major waterways, the 5 Regions of Virginia and the products/industries in each region.  Students will learn mnemonic devices to help:

Borders: Never Trust Kangaroos With Mac And Cheese

Rivers: Please Remember Your Jacket

Cities on the fall line: Alex likes Potatoes; Fred likes to Rap; King James was Rich

Regions: Always Vacuum Before People Find Crumbs