Week of September 24th

Calendar Events

Tuesday 9/25 – Watch Dog Picnic 5-7

Wednesday 9/16 – Reading MAPS

Thursday 9/27 – Math MAPS

Tuesday 10/2 – Number Sense Math Test

Friday 10/12 – Fall Festival

Friday  10/19 – Fall Pictures



  • 4.1 Number Sense – This unit concludes at the end of this week.  Students can read, write, round, order, and compare numbers through the hundred millions place.   They understand the difference between value and place value.   A unit test will be administered next Tuesday 10/2.
  • Enrichment – we have been learning about ancient number systems that do not use the base 10 system.  This week we have focused on Roman Numerals

Language Arts – 

  • Vocabulary – we will build vocabulary several ways.
    • Word of the Week:  Students are asked to use PUNCTUAL  in written and spoken word.
    • Wordly Wise Lesson 2 – quiz Friday 9/28
    • Greek/Latin stems with TROPOS (turn) and PHILIA (love)
    •  Fab Five words that will include synonyms and antonyms study.  Students will use these 5 words in sentences: blissful, melancholoy, preposterous, demolish, bewilder.   
  • Reading –
    • Comprehension Strategies:  Main Idea and Sequencing
    • Main Idea and Supporting Details
  • Writing –
    • Mentoring Sentences in which students dissect a well written sentence.
    • students will practice a writing a structurally correct paragraph

Virginia Studies –

4.2 Regions – This week we are focusing on the 5 regions of Virginia.  Students will be able to locate each region on a map as well as describe the characteristics of the land and the products and industries found there.

During this unit students will locate on a map the following: border states, major waterways, the 5 Regions of Virginia and the products/industries in each region.  Students will learn mnemonic devices to help:

Borders: Never Trust Kangaroos With Mac And Cheese

Rivers: Please Remember Your Jacket

Cities on the fall line: Alex likes Potatoes; Fred likes to Rap; King James was Rich

Regions: Always Vacuum Before People Find Crumbs